Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can You Guess Who Senator Corndog Is?


Hint: he ain't got any bullets in his gun. And his good friend and longtime political ally, George W. Bush, gave him the nickname. More hints? Well... he's certainly one of the most favored of all members of Congress by Mr and Mrs Satan (in fact, their Contran PAC alone gave him $42,500 in the current election cycle) and he's the #1 most bribed senator by Big Oil (not counting John McCain who is, after all, running for President). Big Oil "donated $484,100 so far this year-- for services rendered-- and have given him $1,317,825 since he was first elected. Still not ringin' any bells? He's also the #1 recipient of cash from the gun fanatics-- over $15,000 this year alone-- and not counting presidential candidates (again, McCain is, by far #1), he is the biggest recipient of "donations" from car dealers who sell foreign-made autos. That's a big hint because if anyone in the Senate is responsible for destroying the American manufacturing base and for supporting policies that have led directly to the outsourcing of American jobs, it is Senator Corndog.

Still stumped? OK, the booze industry-- again McCain is by far their biggest recipient-- gives more to this guy ($88,400 this year alone) than to any senator not running for president. So do commercial banks ($201,548 this year), who are appreciative in his steadfast help in weakening the federal regulatory agencies enough so that there would be so little oversight that... well, you heard of the real estate bust, I'm sure. Thank Corndog.

OK, if you haven't guessed yet, maybe you stopped following the intricacies of campaign finance after McCain's cynical and very superficial regulations just made the whole mess worse. Fair enough. Let's look at Senator Corndog's voting record instead. Here is a list of categories in which he is the very worst-- i.e., most reactionary-- of all 100 senators:
-The well-being of America's military personnel
-Response to the Darfour humanitarian crisis
-Respect for international treaties and the United Nations and arms control treaties
-Relations with Cuba
-Nuclear weapons
-Intelligence agency oversight
-Aid to needy children
-Aid to American veterans
-Aid to workers negatively impacted by trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA
-Aid to needy senior citizens
-Aid to Native Americans
-Aid to impoverished women
-Aid to small family farms
-Aid to Big Pharma
-Aid to the Insurance Industry
-Aid to banks and credit card companies
-Aid to the asbestos industry
-Aid to the firearms industry
-Public education
-Air pollution
-Clean water
-Humane treatment of animals
-Renewable energy
-Availability of contraceptives
-Coziness with lobbyists
-Coziness with Big Tobacco
-Heath care
-Hate crimes
-Individual rights
-Separation of Church and State
-Freedom of Speech and Press
-Government surveillance of citizens
-Human rights
-Drug prevention
-Judicial nominations
- Protection of working men and women to organize unions
-Pension protection
-Occupational safety and health
-Outsourcing of American jobs overseas
-Civil rights
-Preserving Social Security
-Ethics in Congress
-Campaign finance reform

Again, this isn't a list of areas where Senator Corndog is bad. This is a list of where Senator Corndog is the worst member of the U.S. Senator (although in many cases tied with other right-wing extremists like Inhofe, McConnell and McCain). OK, enough with the guessing game? This little animated song and dance will give it all away:

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