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Did McCain Just Throw A Dart At A Boardful Of Republican Pols To Come Up With Palin?


Campaign ad by Jesus' General

Palin endorsed Pat Buchanan in the 2000 GOP primary (and this year preferred both Willard and Ron Paul)-- over of John McCain. And McCain doesn't even know her-- neither do any of his close associates. Lindsey Graham seems to think that she's qualified for a job that puts her a heartbeat away from the presidency because "she hunts moose at 3 in the morning." He's one silly, silly goose, giggling like a little girl.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a very conservative and distinguished Texas senator who McCain passed over to pick the little known and extremely inexperienced favorite of religious extremists, said that she doesn't know anything about Palin but implied that since the state of corruption among Alaska Republicans is so intense, it's probably better that she doesn't know anything about her!

She's just a fresh new face for the same old failures. Is it a gimmick? Is this John McCain's best judgment? He may feel invincible but he's old and in bad mental and physical shape. Was he just thinking about how it would enthuse evangelical ground troops or was he thinking about what would be best for the United States of America? Give me a break! He's been running all over the country like a chicken without a head screeching that Obama is too young and not ready to lead? And Sarah Palin? Did he ever even talk to her? Did anyone vet her? This is scary. And it's not about Palin; it's about McCain. He's lost his mind.

The Palin split in the Republican Party is lining up like this: the Neocons think McCain just shot himself-- and their cause-- in the foot. The religionist extremists, bigots and lobbyists love her. David Frum (like lots of Americans) asks, "If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?" Ralph Reed, the embodiment of religionist extremist, corrupt lobbying and bigotry, is "beyond ecstatic... This is a home run. She is a reformer governor who is solidly pro-life and a person of deep Christian faith. And she is really one of the bright shining new stars in the Republican firmament.'' Yeah... Spiro Agnew meets Dan Quayle with a dash of Harriet Miers.

Other Republicans-- not the Ralph Reeds, not the grasping lobbyists or the giddy silly ones like Lindsey Graham-- ones for whom "Country First" is more than just a cheap campaign slogan, are uncomfortable with this choice, not just because Sarah Palin may turn out to be the next Tom Eagelton but because it throws into very serious contention the state of McCain's ability to lead. We just came through 8 years of George Bush being persuaded he was always right because he was always sure. Many people now see he was never either. This McCain selection, the most important indication of his ability as a head of state, is looking like it could be indicative of a reckless old man who thinks he can make snap judgments without thinking things through. Many thoughtful Republicans, realizing she wasn't vetted, are coming to the conclusion that bold isn't necessarily smart. McCain has a sordid history-- one he has gone to great lengths to keep from the public view-- as a reckless, high-stakes gambler. That's not what this country needs. He's not right for the presidency.


He's a truly wonderful writer but when it comes to technology... not so much. He couldn't figure out how to post this in comments, so I figured I do it for him. And I added a link to AmericaBlog that is truly amazing
Oh, why all this wondering what happened with the Palin selection? It seems quite simple: John McCain was listening to a newscast whilst falling asleep, which could be at any time, and heard someone say ...."and presidential candidates often tend to consider a running mate from a Big State, someone likely to put him over the top in a tight race...."

  And John McCain jumped up and said to himself, "Big state, big state...hmm."  
  He then asked a flunky for that handy NatGeo Atlas that he uses to see,for example, where North Dakota is compared to South Dakota; and besides the colors are pretty.

  "Now I'll see for myself what the BIG states are, and by the way, who left this goddamn book open to the Caucasus? I hate fucking caucuses anyway, everyone is always taller than me, ah, here we go...

  "Say, this Alaska is SOME big state!! Bigger than asshole Texas and frigging Montana put together, if you ask me! Whoa, didn't I meet some Marian-the-librarian from Alaska once, like within the last year?

  "I knew it! Go now and find out where she stands on abortion-- WHAT?! she has five children including an enlistee and AND a little tiny Mongoloid that she let be born?!

 "Get her on the phone! Bring her here,wherever the hell we are. Better yet!--ask Cindy to pick a house. And bring me there, and her, what's her name?  Now!"

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At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish OBAMA/BIDEN would request his mental health records!!!!!
This appears to be something out of the twilight zone.
As a woman, I find it highly offensive that John McCain assumes that because Palin has a vagina, women will rally behind her.
How many people lived in the area where she was mayor and a govenor?
HER foreign policy experience consist of her possibly calling out to moose to shoot them.
Alaska's corruption has recently been in the news, are they (Repugs) trying to deter us from looking at other things and are using this as a distraction? Something else is going on here and we just can't see it yet.

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden in the veep debate:

"I knew Hillary Clinton. I served with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine. Governor, you're no Hillary Clinton."

At 10:06 AM, Blogger mountainviews said...

I saw this conservative website about the way McCain does not like others to question his judgement--- No matter what political leaning you have it is scarry that someone who might be President makes decisions by the 'gut', does not consult others and gets angry when his reasoning is questioned.

John McCain's top ten temper explosions
1) Defending His Amnesty Bill, Sen. McCain Lost His Temper And “Screamed, ‘F*ck You!’ At Texas Sen. John Cornyn” (R-TX). “Presidential hopeful John McCain - who has been dogged for years by questions about his volcanic temper - erupted in an angry, profanity-laced tirade at a fellow Republican senator, sources told The Post yesterday. In a heated dispute over immigration-law overhaul, McCain screamed, ‘F— you!’ at Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who had been raising concerns about the legislation. ‘This is chickens—stuff,’ McCain snapped at Cornyn, according to several people in the room off the Senate floor Thursday. ‘You’ve always been against this bill, and you’re just trying to derail it.’” (Charles Hurt, “Raising McCain,” New York Post, 5/19/07)

2) In 2000, Sen. McCain Ran An Attack Ad Comparing Then-Gov. George W. Bush To Bill Clinton. SEN. MCCAIN: “I guess it was bound to happen. Governor Bush’s campaign is getting desperate, with a negative ad about me. The fact is, I’ll use the surplus money to fix Social Security, cut your taxes and pay down the debt. Governor Bush uses all of the surplus for tax cuts, with not one new penny for Social Security or the debt. His ad twists the truth like Clinton. We’re all pretty tired of that. As president, I’ll be conservative and always tell you the truth. No matter what.” (McCain 2000, Campaign Ad, 2/9/00;

3) Sen. McCain Repeatedly Called Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) An “A**hole”, Causing A Fellow GOP Senator To Say, “I Didn’t Want This Guy Anywhere Near A Trigger.” “Why can’t McCain win the votes of his own colleagues? To explain, a Republican senator tells this story: at a GOP meeting last fall, McCain erupted out of the blue at the respected Budget Committee chairman, Pete Domenici, saying, ‘Only an a–hole would put together a budget like this.’ Offended, Domenici stood up and gave a dignified, restrained speech about how in all his years in the Senate, through many heated debates, no one had ever called him that. Another senator might have taken the moment to check his temper. But McCain went on: ‘I wouldn’t call you an a–hole unless you really were an a–hole.’ The Republican senator witnessing the scene had considered supporting McCain for president, but changed his mind. ‘I decided,’ the senator told Newsweek, ‘I didn’t want this guy anywhere near a trigger.’” (Evan Thomas, et al., “Senator Hothead,” Newsweek, 2/21/00)

4) Sen. McCain Had A Heated Exchange With Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) And Called Him A “F*cking Jerk.” “Senators are not used to having their intelligence or integrity challenged by another senator. ‘Are you calling me stupid?’ Sen. Chuck Grassley once inquired during a debate with McCain over the fate of the Vietnam MIAs, according to a source who was present. ‘No,’ replied McCain, ‘I’m calling you a f—ing jerk!’ (Grassley and McCain had no comment.)” (Evan Thomas, et al., “Senator Hothead,” Newsweek, 2/21/00)

5) In 1995, Sen. McCain Had A “Scuffle” With 92-Year-Old Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC) On The Senate Floor. “In January 1995, McCain was midway through an opening statement at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing when chairman Strom Thurmond asked, ‘Is the senator about through?’ McCain glared at Thurmond, thanked him for his ‘courtesy’ (translation: buzz off), and continued on. McCain later confronted Thurmond on the Senate floor. A scuffle ensued, and the two didn’t part friends.” (Harry Jaffe, “Senator Hothead,” The Washingtonian, 2/97)

6) Sen. McCain Accused Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Of The “Most Egregious Incident” Of Corruption He Had Seen In The Senate. “It escalated when McCain reiterated the charges Oct. 10 in a cross-examination, calling McConnell’s actions the ‘most egregious incident’ demonstrating the appearance of corruption he has ever seen in his Senate career.” (Amy Keller, “Attacks Escalate In Depositions,” Roll Call, 10/21/02)

7) Sen. McCain Attacked Christian Leaders And Republicans In A Blistering Speech During The 2000 Campaign. MCCAIN: “Unfortunately, Governor Bush is a Pat Robertson Republican who will lose to Al Gore. … The political tactics of division and slander are not our values… They are corrupting influences on religion and politics, and those who practice them in the name of religion or in the name of the Republican Party or in the name of America shame our faith, our party and our country. Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right.” (Sen. John McCain, Remarks, Virginia Beach, VA, 2/28/00)

8) Sen. McCain Attacked Vice President Cheney. MCCAIN: “The president listened too much to the Vice President . . . Of course, the president bears the ultimate responsibility, but he was very badly served by both the Vice President and, most of all, the Secretary of Defense.” (Roger Simon, “McCain Bashes Cheney Over Iraq Policy,” The Politico, 1/24/07)

9) Celebrating His First Senate Election In 1986, Sen. McCain Screamed At And Harassed A Young Republican Volunteer. “It was election night 1986, and John McCain had just been elected to the U.S. Senate for the first time. Even so, he was not in a good mood. McCain was yelling at the top of his lungs and poking the chest of a young Republican volunteer who had set up a lectern that was too tall for the 5-foot-9 politician to be seen to advantage, according to a witness to the outburst. ‘Here this poor guy is thinking he has done a good job, and he gets a new butt ripped because McCain didn’t look good on television,’ Jon Hinz told a reporter Thursday. At the time, Hinz was executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. … Hinz said McCain’s treatment of the young campaign worker in 1986 troubled him for years. ‘There were an awful lot of people in the room,’ Hinz recalled. ‘You’d have to stick cotton in your ears not to hear it. He (McCain) was screaming at him, and he was red in the face. It wasn’t right, and I was very upset at him.’” (Kris Mayes and Charles Kelly, “Stories Surface On Senator’s Demeanor,” The Arizona Republic, 11/5/99)

10) Sen. McCain “Publicly Abused” Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL). “[McCain] noted his propensity for passion but insisted that he doesn’t ‘insult anybody or fly off the handle or anything like that.’ This is, quite simply, hogwash. McCain often insults people and flies off the handle…. There have been the many times McCain has called reporters ‘liars’ and ‘idiots’ when they have had the audacity to ask him unpleasant, but pertinent, questions. McCain once… publicly abused Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama.” (Editorial, “There’s Something About McCain,” The Austin American-Statesman, 1/24/07)

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is *any* bright side, this indicates that there would be no Darth Cheney-like shadow President in a McCain administration, and that Walnuts plans for a Veep whose role is confined to attending state funerals and presiding over the Senate.
Oh well, at least the "judgement" argument and the "experience" argument are potentially off the table...

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, you have to give credit where credit is due. Domenici IS an asshole (not to mention a crook), and I congratulate McCain for saying so.

So back to Palin. Wouldn't it be nice if the increased scrutiny led to her being ousted from the governorship? It sure sounds like she has no business being there. Who knows, the frozen north might finally warm up.

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, and telling off Strom Thurmond, and Miss McConnell too! I'm almost getting to appreciate him a bit.

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, and telling off Strom Thurmond, and Miss McConnell too! I'm almost getting to appreciate him a bit.

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some reason when I first heard her speak, I began thinking of the movie Fargo. Well, alrighty then and you betcha.

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John McCain the maverick Senator is now Candidate McCain and will do whatever the establishment tells him to do in order to get elected. He knows and everyone else knows this women is not qualified to be President. Yes, she is an executive but of what? A small state that has an abundance of revenue. He has critized Obama lack of expereince and this women does not have as much as federal government experience. I don't have a problem with a woman as V.P. but not a mother of young children. How can she be pro-life and abandon her baby of 3 days to go back to work. Children need their mother more than anyone else. Does the fact that she is willing to let someone else raise her children bother other Christians as much a it does me?

At 9:20 PM, Blogger People Power Granny said...

I watched Gov. Sarah Palin give her acceptance speech tonight, and really it was about what I expected, not awe inspiring, but not bad either. I write my perspective in tonight. Please vote in my poll and let me know what you liked or didn't like about her talk tonight.

At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


On November 4, 2008, we all get to vote for a candidate for President. Don’t let your party affiliation, surpass, the reality, of, what we are, all, presently dealing with in our every day lives as Americans.

If you are financially, OK, then you can afford another financial hit in the next four years from the Bush-Chenney/McCain-Palin administration-ticket. They have made it clear…

1. CENSORSHIP- Another factor of this teams leadership style, you had better become use to is… the censorship (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party). If, wanting to burn books in a library (Palin) that doesn’t fit with the “propaganda” (Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party); it should at least have a familiar, historical, ring. Journalists please answer this question for me… do you still have your right to “freedom of press and freedom of speech”?
2. FUNDING EDUCATION -Along with the under funding of education (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party). The less educated the people, the less questioning of “questionable” practices or citizens taking action.
3. RELIGION- In accordance, with watching a city of its own people drowning (dying), along with some of the extremist religious sermons, lectures and hypnosis’s of why it occurred (Bush, Cheney, the religious right and the Republican Party).
4. PRESERVING THE CONSTITUTION- Coupled with unconstitutional surveillance and torturing means. I guess Americans need to see people hauled off into concentration camps before we react—hey, haven’t we seen this in Cuba with the unlawful detaining of… substitute Arabs for Jews?
5. WAR- Don’t forget the familiar ring of war, war, war, all the time and the “worldview” being outside the norm for this stage in history.
6. SEPARATISM- Take a good look at the pictures of Americans that are following these two campaigns--conventions and campaign attendees. The participants--in one crowd; the crowds qualitative connotation is emphasizing an American "imperial, purist, sovereign, republican party" utilizing a totalitarian philosophy along with speeches riddled with fear tactics; and, in another crowd--it mirrors the rest of the country. Leaves other Americans to believe, if they don’t look like the incoming regime (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party) or, embrace their philosophies, you will be left out in the cold, literally, (should explain the record home foreclosures and failing economy coupled with record oil prices and overall stick it to the people on the lower end of the totem pole mentality. No point in mentioning anything about this at a convention, or on the campaign trail). Hitler’s philosophy…either you are for our beliefs, or…
7. PROPAGANDA-The staged speeches, staged campaigning and nonsensical talking points, some which are outright lies. The choosing of an actress/politician/right-wing extremist/beauty contestant, for VP, counting on the uneducated to put the party into totalitarian rule. After Americans have 12 years (the past 8 + 4 more) of Republican Party rule… do you think Americans will ever remember living in a democracy? Also, this will make the Republicans the single most dominant party in American history, insuring, in definite, future control over America.

The choice of this election is not one just based on the economy or war: It’s of preserving “America” which we can understand any community in America being focused on doing; preserving our culture and heritage.

Republicans are focused on insuring a “puritanical- morally rigorous and strict” rule and American environment, always, being afraid, of those who differ from ourselves (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party). Ask yourself…do you fit in to this perspective of America?

It’s the obvious, that is disturbing…AMERICA is not puritanical and all her people should be working together to make her the best she can be, not, tearing her apart, by race, religion, culture, political or socio economic division.

MY FELLOW AMERICANS…the choice is simple…

Either America will move forward to the 21st century adapting a more global world perspective (along with a pressure relief for us all), or, we move “backward” and stay in the 20th century clinging to ideals and concepts that have never worked in Nazi Germany and will not work in America.

You are wrong. Before you vote…go on a letter writing campaign, show up at campaign stops in your area and raise hard questions, loudly, without malice, to in the least, raise doubts about their message. Fax over your concerns to your elected officials Washington office, particularly, those running for re-election. Bombard them with objections of things YOU find questionable. You will not be alone.

Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a concept used to describe political systems where a state (state of mind) regulates nearly every aspect of public and private life (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party).

The term is usually applied to Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Shōwa Japan or communist states, such as USSR, Democratic Kampuchea, Vietnam, Mao-era and modern China and North Korea (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party).

Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain themselves in political power by means of an official all-embracing ideology and propaganda disseminated through the state/party-controlled mass media, a single party that controls the state (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party), personality cults, central state/party-controlled economy, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party), the use of mass surveillance (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party), and widespread use of terror tactics (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party).

PEOPLE we are one Republican presidency from becoming totalitarian. Particularly, if the economy keeps declining for normal folks which make them less of a voice because of socio-economics; the ideology and propaganda will be amplified and the media more controlled then the last 8 years. The world is pretty close to seeing us as Nazi America based on our actions the last eight years (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party).

If we vote (McCain-Palin, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party), we are telling the world…we the people, endorse their style of leadership. This will be the third time, for Americans doing so.


Leaders from around the world were willing to look once more to America as the leader of the free world.

Now, with the insulting choice of Palin as a vice president running mate, McCain has erased all that Obama accomplished with moving towards restoring America’s world image.

World leaders are not looking forward to pinpointing their country's location on a map for Palin who just got a passport in 2006. Shakespeare cautioned us about individuals with vaulting ambition and a lack of self knowledge. He also told us (Hamlet) to watch out for the rash.

John McCain made a rash decision, which could haunt Americans for decades, especially when the media completes its vetting process.

Having lost love ones in the last war, we thank John McCain for his service, but I also remember some escaped, and some died. We are, not, willing to allow him to destroy the future for generations to come, because he was a POW.

How does John McCain intend to address the issues of our time?
His Vice President pick, Palin, recently asked "What does a Vice President do"?

Hence, she has ambition, but lacks the knowledge of what she can and can not do.

John McCain is just reckless, a figure straight out of Shakespeare's tragedies, and we all know how those stories end.


At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


He met her at the Wailin Wall--
So John McCain met Sarah,
And, smitten with the Palin Pall
Thought no one could be fairer.

"I have these scars" so he declared--
Here, feel beneath my armpits,"
And then, when secrets had been bared
He led her to the charm pits.

"In nakedness we soul-mates bathe
And we are soul-mates clearly,"
Thus quoth Old John; but heaven's lathe
Continued most severely.

Upon the Day of Judgment and
Upon the Day of Doom,
Will precious pair walk hand-in-hand
Or stay behind in tomb?

Ah, "soul-mates" they--the beast remains
A thing of various backs--
And one may count out spindly gains
Whilst th'other one attacks.

O, John and Sarah were a pair--
He lebeled her well-spunked--
Producing babies in their lair
That came out half-defunct.



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