Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Big Oil Wants Their Gal Heather Wilson Back In The NM-01 Congressional Race-- Will Darren White Step Aside?


Today when I was going over the Freedom's Watch targeting I saw that one of the Blue America candidates they are going after with their vicious campaign of lies is environmental innovator and former Albuquerque City Council President Martin Heinrich. The malicious and wildly distorted attack on Martin comes as the GOP tries easing his hapless opponent, extreme right wing Bush supporter, Darren White, out of the race to make way for Heather Wilson, a notorious Big Oil shill. Wilson is the incumbent and she just lost her Senate primary to far right nut-job and oil industry former exec Steve Pearce. She wants to run for "her" House seat again and GOP officials, seeing White's pathetic campaign so far, would like to push him out of the race.

White may even be cooperating. He claims to have fallen off his treadmill hurting his back badly enough to keep him off the campaign trail for "a few weeks." Wilson has been acting as a campaign surrogate for her pal McCain, running hither and thither and screaming about Obama not being experienced or "sophisticated" enough. Big Oil will spend whatever they can muster to distort Martin's responsible, environmental record and try to make it look like he's somehow responsible for decades of GOP politicians carrying water for Big Oil. Heather Wilson has taken $531,820 from Big Oil and has rubber stamped every single piece of legislation they have ever wanted. Their policies have led directly to high prices at the pump, no matter how Freedom's Watch and other Republican front organizations try to shift blame to progressive Democrats. The irony of this attack is that Martin is known in Albuquerque as a leader in trying to develop alternative sources of energy. Big Oil has already focused in on Darren White as a budding shill for their policies and has dumped over $13,000 into his campaign so far.

Now they're waiting to see if he actually runs or drops out before sending more money to him or to Wilson. In either case, Martin's going to need all the help he can get. Please take a look at his live blog session from March at Firedoglake and consider contributing to his campaign so he can defend himself from these Freedom's Watch slams.

Listen to the GOP/Freedom's Watch Attack ad against Martin:

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