Monday, July 28, 2008

Rep Mike McCaul Is A Dangerous And Bigoted Maniac Who Should Not Be In Congress


Larry Joe Doherty, the guy in the white hat

Last night I came back from a great dinner with my friend Rob, who I haven't seen since I the mid-70s when I lived in Amsterdam. Rob owns an art gallery there and he is in L.A. discovering new talent. It was great seeing him and reliving a time when we were still just boys coming to grips with our beings. (I was an astrologer at the time.) Rob's ancestors came from Indonesia. He may be a Muslim. I never asked. I never thought to ask. He was raving about the incredible hash cakes I used to make and reminiscing about records by Steve Miller, Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones.

I got home to find a video a friend in Austin had sent me. He knew that Blue America has endorsed Larry Joe Doherty, a progressive Democrat running against a worthless rubber stamp boob, Michael McCain, who represents Clear Channel in Congress. Take a look at the pitiful way a bigoted, narrow-minded little turd wastes taxpayer dollars chasing his nightmares:

You want people like that in Congress? If you don't, let me suggest you consider a donation to Larry Joe's campaign at our Blue America ActBlue page. McCaul gets an awful lot of bribes-- called "donations"-- from the Big Business interests he serves so assiduously. You want to follow the money back to why it costs so much to fill your car with gas; at least part of that can be traced to these "donations" to ethicless congressmen like McCaul ($107,934). You wonder why he voted to allow warrantless wiretaps and retroactive immunity? The telecom industry "donated" $44,000. You feeling a little worried about the financial shakiness of a deregulated market? McCaul has been more than cozy with various financial institutions-- to the tune of around $300,000. And, of course, his biggest single contributor is his father-in-law's company, Clear Channel ($126,650). Before you decide if you want to donate to Larry Joe or not, take a look at the comparison between what the two candidates have gotten from PACs. We know who and we know why Big Business wants in office and we know what they're willing to spend. Who will help people who represent our interests and our values get into office?

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