Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain's Trip To Louisiana Cancelled Due To Oil Spill, Hurricane and Bobby Jindal Telling Him To Go Play With Mitt



If you've gotten any of the approximately 1.8 million robocalls from Republican front organization Freedom's Watch, you have heard how Democrats are the cause of high gas prices because they didn't authorize more off shore drilling. (Unmentioned are the millions of acres of leased lands that the oil companies will neither drill on nor give up for companies that want to drill on them.) In any case, McCain, who has gotten the biggest pay-offs this year from Big Oil ($1,003,618 so far), has been one of the loudest proponents of unregulated off shore drilling, even where oil spills would destroy fishing industries and tourism. McCain claims the technology is so advanced that there in no longer a danger of oil spills, something that leaves industrial scientists with their jaws agape.

To show what he means, the ole coot decided to steal some thunder from what is expected to be a tumultuous reception for Barack Obama in Berlin and show up, dramatically, at an off shore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana. (This was also being teased as a running mate selection trip-- with Bobby Jindal in tow, until Jindal who, like everyone else knows that Bush and Rove have forced McCain to accept Romney-- until Jindal said he wanted nothing to do with McCain's transparent games and politely and quite publicly said "Thanks but no thank, pops.")

So wasn't he embarrassed when Louisiana reported a serious oil spill. McCain had also claimed, falsely, that oil platforms are so safe that even the worst hurricanes couldn't hurt them. Between Jindal dissing him, the oil spill in Louisiana and a moderate hurricane, McCain decided to "postpone" his trip and sit around and pout about Obamamania.

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