Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Twist In The Troy King Story Harkens Back To Gay Republican Triple Homicide And Call Boy Ring


A friend of mine just tied together, tenuously so far, two very disturbing stories. One is about a triple murder of three gay men in Orlando-- or two gay men and a male prostitute-- and the other about the unfolding saga of how Paige King, the wife of Alabama's homophobic Attorney General, Troy King, caught him in bed with a young man (a homecoming king from Troy College, no less!).

It turns out that one of the murder victims, Ralph Gonzalez, a closet queen like King, and the former executive director of the Georgia Republican Party, was also Rep. Tom Feeney's (R-FL) campaign manager and the president of the Republican consulting operation, Stratagem Group, a firm King employed.

King has been refusing to resign, although Alabama Republicans want him out before the general election. Where's a twerpy little loser like King going to find such a good job? After all, he's the second highest paid Attorney General in America (second only to Jerry Brown in California). Right now he is studiously avoiding reporters, as is his patron, Governor Bob Riley, who appointed him Attorney General. Each refuses to comment on the case. Now all we need to find out is if there was any relationship between Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and King.

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At 8:49 AM, Blogger M. Bianchi said...

Ashamaed to admit it, but I'm an Alabama Republican who's disgusted with the Troy King scandle! He refuses to resgin; the GOP refuses to as for his resignation; and the democrats are doing nothing!

I think King owes gays and lesbians an apology, especailly the ones in our state, whom he has degraded to the loweest levels of human existance.

Thank God for the local, privately owned, newspapers and bloggers or we would know nothing about the scandle. I doubt this was his first time "playing with the boys', and who cars- just be honest! King, with his "Family Values, Anti Gay" platfrom rode to his little red wagon to the second highest paying ATG position in the nation at the expense of gays and lesbians. Lets not forget the support of conservative, christian republicans and their anti gay agenda.

Had King been a democarat this story would have been shown on major TV network, every 15 minutes for months.

I think its time ALL the "bloogers" got together and posted PETIONS for signatures requesting a Federal investigation into the Troy Kings rumors. The citizens of Alabama, no longer have an effective ATG: the rumors cause questiion regarding his honesty, intergity and violations of his oath of office. Not to mention the gays and lesbians of America deverve to know if the name, who's anti gay hate rehoteric - worse than Jerry Falwell- is guilty of the same " acts of "degradation, depravity and sexual immorality", for which he as accused gays of committing?'s your chance to, collectively, do something which can generate national media, expose one of the greatest HYPOCRITES in modern times and secure justice for the citizens of the state of Alabama, and the GLBT communites in the country. Puts some wheels on your web sites, your influense and show the WORLD, BLOGGERS can BRING JUSTICE and EFFECT CHANGE!

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonzalez was also powerful in the Republican party of Georgia before relocating to Florida. Ralph Reed who was buddies with Karl, Abramoff, and Norquist is tied in to all of this, and Reed was also head of the Christian Coalition. "STRATEGUM" clients covered four states: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and (Las Vegas) Nevada. Some have connected Drake, the Strategum gunman to Congressman Patrick McHenry of NC.

This isn't about "GAY." It's about honesty and integrity vs. deceit and lies; and it's about court rooms where authorities are the criminals; and legislators who have no business writing laws when they're bribery bait and blackmail material.

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! Not just the hypocracy,honor,integrity blah, blah. His exposure for blackmail, bribery, etc. Look at the sewer debacle (ponzi scheme), the two year college systems of our state, Amsouth Bank, the Birmingham crime rate? Jar Twitty (natalee Hollaway's step father's brother was a VP at Amsouth when she disappeared. He was a convicted felon in Florida. Money laundering and big time corruption. That is the story ladies and gentlemen.


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