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It's big news-- the media can never get enough of it-- when Democrats, especially rich Jews and somewhat hysterical (if not deranged) Hillary partisans, declare they're voting for McCain. A few days ago the McCain campaign had suckered the Hill into trumpeting its claims that they had lured a rich Jewish Hillary supporter from-- extra points-- South Florida onto the Double Talk Express. Two minutes worth of googling proved the McCain catch, Stephen Muss, was actually a Rudy Giuliani supporter who, as a developer, has been giving lots of money on both sides of the aisle, including to such right-wing all-stars as Ted Stevens, Conrad Burns, Slade Gorton, Rudy Boschwitz, Robert Bennett, and Frank Wolf. He maxed out in donations to Giuliani this cycle.

The story died with a whimper but today the media was back with another confused, unfortunate Hillary partisan, Debra Bartoshevich from Wisconsin whose understanding of what Hillary Clinton was all about was so shallow to nonexistent that she has decided to vote for John McCain. A friend of mine was at the Republican state convention in Texas this week. He mentioned that there were more than one delegate who just couldn't stomach John McCain. One delegate from Houston, Gregory Banville, was a Ron Paul supporter but plans on voting for Bob Barr. He doesn't think McCain has a chance. Oh, wait; he does think McCain has a chance-- "I don't see how he has a chance at all unless people vote only because they don't like black people."

Now I know nothing at all about Ms. Bartoshevich, except that she was an elected Hillary delegate (since stripped of her delegateship, the same way Joe Lieberman was) to the Democratic convention, and, for all I know she could be the glaring exception to this, but every Democrat I've met so far who claims to be voting for McCain, is a stinking racist. Many are desperately looking for an excuse to vote against Obama that is unrelated to race so that they can look at themselves in the mirror without noticing how repulsively ugly they are. But, like I said, for all I know, Ms. Bartoshevich could be an Ethiopian Jew. Offering no evidence, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel claims "she’s not alone in refusing to support Barack Obama."
In an interview, Bartoshevich expressed lingering unhappiness over the Democratic nominating process, said Clinton was treated unfairly by the party and said she has deep reservations about Obama’s lack of experience and his judgment.

“I’m kind of disenfranchised,” she said.

She said she planned to vote for Clinton at the convention, but in an Obama-McCain matchup in November, “I will not be voting for Obama. I will cast my vote for John McCain.

“I just feel you need to have somebody who has experience with foreign matters.”

She said a series of controversial Obama associations, including but not limited to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Chicago developer Tony Rezko, reflected poorly on his judgment. And she echoed the complaints of many of Clinton’s most ardent supporters that Clinton was treated unfairly in the nominating process and by the party.

“No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her-- that’s by Susan B. Anthony,” said Bartoshevich, referring to the suffragist.

Bartoshevich called herself a “devoted Democrat” who had never voted for a Republican for president.

“I’m on a lot of the (pro-Clinton) blogs, and so many people, male and female, feel the same way as I do,” said Bartoshevich, who was listed as a Racine County co-chair for the Clinton campaign and who traveled outside Wisconsin to volunteer for Clinton. “The Democrats jumped on this wagon of Barack Obama, and nobody really knows him.”

Hoping to tap into discontent among Clinton supporters, the McCain campaign is reaching out to them in a variety of ways, including a telephone “town hall” meeting today targeted to non-Republican voters.

And it isn't only McCain's campaign that is swooping in on the overwrought and/or racist Democrats. I mentioned a few weeks ago that a friend's mother and her entire canasta game have decided to revel in their unconscious racism-- each will tell you she "always helps them" and "some of my best friends are"...-- by switching from avidly feminist, pro-choice Democrats to... John McCain, a long-time sexist pig and misogynist. Anyway, her son-- my friend-- sent me a "private e-mail" that seeks to monetize (i.e.- rip off) the foolish ex-Hillary supporters now flirting with McCain. The e-mail:
Hi All: I wanted to update you on what we are doing. In the next few days, you will be ask to donate money. This money will be used to file a lawsuit in Federal court to get a [sic] injunction barring the DNP from making Obama their nominee. I have been in touch with a [sic] attorney who is a PHD [sic], and I am waiting on his reply. It is his belief that under the laws that was in effect at the time of Obama birth, he is a "naturalized citizen", not a "natural born citizen" was is required by law to be president of the United States. Also I am talking to a person about the "whitey tape" and I maybe able to buy them. So once again you may be asked to donate money. We are not sitting around, blogging all day and doing nothing but complaining, like all the other web site are doing, we are attacking and we continue to use all weapon at our disposal. Thanks all. Ed Hale

Hale may be a scoundrel and a shyster but he's smart enough to target a really dumb segment of the population for victimization.

In a democracy, we protect the right of even a moron to participate. And no one can tell the media how to cover a story. Well, you can; but they're not obliged to pay any attention. Nor will they. But... there is a very respected polling firm, Diageo that just published some data that flies in the face of the media spin. Not only is Obama viewed far more favorably than McCain by voters and not only do 68% of Democratic primary voters say they are satisfied with Obama as their candidate (as opposed to 30% who are not), but-- and here's what the media seems hell-bent on missing-- only 52% of Republican primary voters say they are satisfied with him as their party's nominee while a whopping 45% say they are not). Odd how all the stories in the media are about disgruntled Democrats, when there are so many more disgruntled Republicans.

Yesterday The Moderate Voice has a more interesting story for the media-- all the outspoken African American conservative abandoning McCain to vote for Obama. No takers? OK, I didn't think so. I'm going back to The Great Debate-- McCain vs McCain:

An afterthought: Yesterday's Washington Post had a story by Juliet Eiperin about how McCain is refusing to return the money from, Clayton Williams, his rape-lovin' fundraiser. After all, $300,000 is a lot of money to the cash-strapped McCain campaign. He did, however cancel a fundraiser with the rape guy in his Midland, Texas home tomorrow. The party was canceled after the Post and ABC News "questioned what the senator thought of Williams' remarks that women should give in while being raped. 'As long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it,' he said during his unsuccessful bid for governor against the late Ann Richards." He also said (while campaigning against Richards) that he would "'head her and hoof her and drag her through the dirt' like a cow on his ranch." Welcome, ladies; this is what you're getting into bed with... so to speak.

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At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You... you posted something I agree with.

I have to go now, the universe is going to explode.

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all its ridiculous that the MSM and many others continue to refer to Sen. Obama as the African American candidate. Why can't the man just be an American? why can't we all just be Americans? It seems to be harder to be mixed race in this country the it is to be just black or immigrant. What happened to Obamas' mom? are they ignoring the fact that she was a white woman because she's gone on? is it because these racist unethical Borg drones hate the woman for daring to love a black man? maybe because that makes it easier to place a label on the Senator from Ill. Oh wait what if our potential first lady you had white skin? it scares me to think of some of the labels that would be placed on them both. maybe am wrong and its because the senator's mom isn't here they forget who she was and since sen. Obama has never mentioned the fact that his mother was white and she raised him right including but not limited to how wrong it is to judge others by the color of their skin it seems that the MSM and others are finding it difficult to find credible arguments against Barack Obama so they'll attempt to make us believe that 2008 is 400 years ago and we still have plantations with masters and slaves or the civil rights movement was in vain, that all the people who marched and fought and died including many whites just wasted their lives, but I digress. We have stopped burning crosses in peoples yards but not in our hearts we still harbor ill will toward others who don't look like us and those who look like us but don't share our sick disgusting views the MSM may not be the perpetrators of this behavior but they are certainly party to and approving of it as no one talks about it honestly its talked about it when ratings can be up-ed from the topic like after the Senator speech on race suddenly there were prime shows about race, wow, good for you now you can claim you tried to do something but wait that more than two months ago how many people even remember that? one of our problems in this country is we love political correctness if its politically correct to burn a cross in someone's yard then that what we advocate, if its politically correct to call someone dirty words now that its not politically correct to wave your hand and say "hi, am John,and am a racist"; like at an AA meeting the robes and hoods over the heads have now regressed into our hearts and remain hidden until such a time when like now that we have a mixed race candidate for president I wonder what label would be placed on Senator Obama had his mother's features hair,eyes,skin color and his name was John.
However good luck to us all if we don't soon realize that people are are people no matter what or they look like or where they were born.

I'll tell you a story a friend of my family came to America for the first time 10 years ago and I went with to the DMV with him so he could take an oral divers license exam, I was there to help translate as he had a heavy accent and he's English was limited at the time made it a little difficult to under him and for him to understand American English anyway I was trying to explain to the exam instructor why I had to be in the room with him so I mention that because of her accent it made taking the exam difficult for my friend; boy it was like I had said she was going to die or something horrible was about to happen to her she went berserk yelling at me that my friend was the one with the accent not her I was amazed at the ignorance of this woman, I wanted to yell at her you have an American accent dumb ass he has European accent but i decided it was better to let her wallow in her ignorance. That was when I realized that we have lots of work to do before we clean up our countries image and really begin to truly treat each other as equals and not just say everyone is equal but when it comes to great jobs and power its always on one side the white side and anyone one who believes that they are entitled to anything becase they are white is anti-American because that's not what this country is about it about diversity and inclusion a melting pot of many cultures and as long as they have the legal right to hold an American pass port why don't we treat them as equals?

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really getting sick of being called a racist, angry, white woman. I am the mother of a bi racial son and 4 multi racial grandsons. I will not vote for Obama because he is not qualified to be president of anything, let alone the USA. As a lifelong Democrat, I am disgusted with the way the entire primary was presented by the media and the way the DNC seemed to think the least electable candidate was better than another Clinton. Good luck in November, I have to sit this one out.


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