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Just when I was getting pissed off at Obama for not being perfect... or even being awful (like by endorsing a right-wing Democratic hack like John Barrow or for indicating that he might vote for the FISA bill)-- I see plausible explanations for both (that his Barrow endorsement was for the general election but Barrow's internal polling showed him losing to Regina Thomas so he used the ad for the primary; and that Obama will work hard to get the retroactive immunity provision out of the FISA bill in the Senate). That calmed me down, but nothing gets me back on the reservation like seeing the McBush plans for a continuation of all the failures and disasters of the Bush terms both here and abroad.

Friday the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamad El Baradei predicted that if Bush attacks Iran it will turn the Middle East into "a ball of fire" and push Iran into making nuclear weapons. He also said if Bush attacks, he'd quit. In the diplomatic world, El Baradei's remarks are startlingly undiplomatic and strong. It's like calling someone's mother a hooker when you're 10. Is El Baradei hearing something to make him think Bush is planning an attack? Maybe he was just responding to the "Israeli" wargames simulating an attack on Iran (which is widely seen as a U.S. pressure tactic against Tehran and which Iran isn't taking well).
A U.S. leak of an Israeli air exercise reported to be practice for possible bombing of Iran's nuclear sites was seen in Israel on Sunday as a deliberate move to increase pressure on Tehran to halt sensitive atomic work.

"When the diplomacy of economic and political pressure fails to produce results, a shift is made to gunboat diplomacy," wrote Alex Fishman, military affairs correspondent of Israel's biggest newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.

"As the Iranian regime discusses the European Union representative's most recent offer to halt its nuclear programme in exchange for extensive benefits, the Americans opted to add a bit more pressure in the shape of Israel's air force," he said.

One of the unofficial Bush Regime spokesmen, Neocon propaganda shill Bill Kristol, was on Fox today doing some saber-rattling for McBush. He said that Bush would rather leave McCain to finish his policies in the Middle East-- more war-- but that if he gets the idea Obama will be elected-- largely because of those failed and discredited policies-- he is likely to attack Iran before November.

So while right-wing lunatics scream their heads off that Obama is being supported by Kim Jong-Il and Fidel Castro and while the Bush Regime and McCain's media allies imply that Europeans back McCain-- the furthest thing from the truth on planet earth-- some garden variety Fox propagandist and Kristol have worked out a well scripted act. Please watch their little anti-Obama Kabuki play for the Villagers:

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