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In general I'd say yes. But some of the specifics are less than convincing. So what if he routinely humiliates women as a matter of normal operating procedure? Some women love being humiliated. You know that whole flap about calling his wife Cindy a "trollop and a cunt" for pointing out his thinning hair in front of some newspaper reporters? Maybe she deserved that and maybe she should be happy he didn't slug her. After all, he does slug people. I mean when he really flies off the handle, like when someone points out his age-- which he's apparently even more sensitive about than his baldness. But here, too, I'm not all that concerned. I mean... so he and Rick Renzi slapped each other a few times. So? Rick Renzi is a pompous dick and he certainly deserves to be beaten up. McCain should have punched him around every day.

In fact the only part of this story I don't understand, is why McCain and Renzi got so close. I mean as Renzi distinguished himself as one of the half dozen most corrupt members of Congress, McCain actually became closer and closer with him and eventually-- on the eve of his indictment-- made him co-chair of the McCain presidential campaign. What I know I can count on, however, is Cliff Schecter explaining the bizarre nature of the Republican candidate for president. He's been doing it online and now he's doing it in his hot new book, The Real McCain, which I just pre-ordered. After all, I want to understand a man who flies off the handle-- he said he had had a stressful day-- and calls his wife a "cunt" in front of a roomful (or busful) of people and expects to be elected president of the United States. As for having a punch-out with Congressman Renzi... well, that's easier to understand, even if it isn't the kind of behavior we expect from a U.S. Senator, let alone a president.

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At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, better to blow up and be over it than to passive-aggressive project your little dick by way of cruise missiles.
(they tried to kill my daddy!)
No they didn't.

(comb-overs will flash on you).

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

try google'g "song bird mccain" - "manchurian candidate mccain" -
Viet Nam Vets AGAINST McCain -
McCains uncontrollable temper -
Using filthy violent language against other Senators an Congressmen and women-
and you would vote for him to be trusted near that 'little red button at 3 am???
I hope you are preparing your children to fight another senseless war by voiing for that nut!!!


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