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I never saw so many polls in my life. (And I'm not even talking about the poll that shows Americans have lower regard for George Bush's Regime than for the ones in Cuba and Saudi Arabia.) No,I'm talking about the polls measuring how successful the McCain/Clinton tag team is in smearing Obama. Gallup says not so good (today, at least). But the plethora of Pennsylvania polls, measuring where the most venom has been directed, show it has been working just fine. Still, one of McCain's far right propagandists even suggests Obama could pull off a miracle among late deciders.

One person who has already made up her mind, though, is Nixon's daughter Julie (the respectable one who married Eisenhower's grandson, not the fascist lunatic Tricia). Today's NY Times reports that Julie Nixon Eisenhower max-ed out to Obama's campaign.
In her decision to give to Mr. Obama, Ms. Eisenhower might have been influenced by her sister-in-law, Susan Eisenhower, who wrote an Op-Ed for the Washington Post in February entitled, “Why I’m Backing Obama,” alluding to how her grandfather, who with Nixon as his running mate, delivered the White House to Republicans after a 20-year drought, was able to attract cross-over support from Democrats.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower, who wrote a biography of her mother and is active in civic causes in the Philadelphia area, has given sporadically over the years to Republican candidates and committees, according to campaign finance records. She gave $1,000 to President Bush and another $1,000 to the Republican National Committee, for instance, in the 2004 election cycle. In the 2000 presidential race, she donated $1,000 to Senator John McCain’s unsuccessful run.

Meanwhile, as you know, turnout is very high but voters are turned off from all the negativity that the Clintons and their vile surrogates have dragged into the campaign. "Nearly two-thirds of respondents said Clinton had 'unfairly attacked' Obama while roughly half of those interviewed said Obama had attacked Clinton unfairly." It looks like most people made up their minds in the last week, good news for Clinton.

I have CNN on in the next room and it's a roundtable (I imagine) of hateful Insiders tearing Obama apart. He should run a campaign based on having all the TV pundits deported. If only! I'm not watching, just listening but it sounds like all but one work for the McCain campaign or CNN (if there's some difference there).

And a news blast of unbelievable proportions: extreme and hysterical right wing nut Larry Kudlow extols the amazing prediction from far right hack Bob Novak that McCain will win and that his VP will be a Republican hack who helped engineer the transfer of millions of American jobs overseas. And-- you won't believe this-- Novak "believes Obama’s gaffes about bitter small-town people who cling to guns and religion will be an absolute killer in the general election. So will the Jeremiah Wright business, and more generally Obama’s extreme, across-the-board, liberal-left positions." I can't understand why that isn't on the front page of the NY Times.


CNN projected Clinton over Obama. Looks like 53-47% 55-45%, far less than she was hoping for. Take a look at the transcripts of Rush Limbaugh listeners talking about how they're guaranteeing that McCain will win the presidency by voting for the only Democrat who he could probably beat.

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At 6:49 PM, Blogger Dean said...

If it's 53%-47% that's barely better than the 5% win that some political minds said Hillary would need to justify staying in the race.
By the way while surfing channels I came across your CNN "roundtable", just as I channeled there I saw the fat-joweled old gambler Bill Bennett going on about something. That's all I needed to see, I kept going and found a nice litle astronomy show on History Channel and the Daily Show. Who in their right mind would even look at someone like that old white Dick Bennett(etal.) and think, "you know this guy is with it and knows what's going on!" Jesus, does CNN actually make money with these old mental cripples?
I t's why I'm NEVER there longer than 5 seconds and haven't been for years. Obama was on the Daily show(a re-run from Monday) and Jon Stewart said to him, "If you win the Democratic race and beat John McCain in the primary, do you get the feeling that as you go down Pennsylvania Avenue next January that you'll see Hillary Clinton on the stage still campaigning?"


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