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GOP kooks Steve Kingston & Bob Barr looking for a candidate as an alternative to McCain

Now, let's not make more of this than it deserves. Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston is certainly not one of the brightest bulbs in the Republican caucus. In fact, he's proven over and over again to be not just an extremist imbecile but also a blithering moron. The former door to door insurance salesman, who is said to have eaten something that badly effected his brain's development when he was a child growing up in Ethiopia, names his pets after Old Testement characters and currently he has a Lab named Meshach. Labs have a reputation for being a little slow in the brains department but I bet Meshach is a lot smarter than his master. Adam, the DWT art director, reports he spoke to a politically-minded right wing pastor in West Palm Beach yesterday who claims Republican voters disenchanted with McCain are thinking about writing in Meshach. I bet he gets more votes than Nader. I'm certain Meshach is far less of an extremist than Kingston, who has not once found anything to disagree with about Bush's Iraq agenda and, despite having numerous military bases in his district, has participated in 22 roll call votes regarding the well-being of America's military personnel and has voted against our servicemen and women every single time without one exception. Kingston, the ultimate hypocrite, entered Congress in 1992 as an hysterical and rabid advocate of term limits, an issue he used to rile up the Republican bumpkins and hicks in his South Georgia district who are mistrustful of Washington. Now, predictably, he vociferouly opposes term limits; his Republican constituents, many of whom exist exclusively on mentally debilitating fried foods, haven't noticed.

Friday, the sword swallowing clown act that Bill Maher had booked on his program failed to show up and Maher sent an intern to find a sober congressman. All he could round up was Kingston. Kingston blurted out the completely false GOP smear-- widely circulated by e-mail-- that Senator Obama refuses to say the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Although Kingston wasn't wearing an American flag pin at the time, he ominously warned Maher's viewers that Obama... doesn't wear an American flag pin. I wonder if Meshach has one on his collar. You may wonder if anyone sane cares about this kind of crap. Normal Americans don't but the base GOP voters do, as you can see in this video of Kingston-like rubes.

Obama was questioned about this silliness yesterday in Texas.
"It typically is based on this scurrilous e-mail that's been going around, which is completely false. So to the extent that it's a vicious, false rumor that's deliberately being spread over the Internet, no, that's not fair game. But nobody said politics was fair. It is important for us to dispel it ... I am not a Muslim and never have been. I've been going to the same church for the last 20 years. I was sworn in on my family Bible. And I have been pledging allegiance since I was 3. And in fact you can see it on C-SPAN sometimes. When I've opened up the Senate and am presiding over the Senate, I lead the Senate in the Pledge of Allegiance, so these are just the kinds of, I think, dirty tricks that you see crop up periodically."

Bill Maher underminding the Republican Party by having their stupidest members on his show:

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At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got home from voting in the Democratic Primary. (Yes, Howie they let us vote on Sunday in Gawd's State.) I had Bill Maher waiting for me on the DVR so I fired it up. My God. These morons show what the GOP really stands for. Kingston and the other right winger Maher had on started off spouting nonsense about John Kennedy's "failed presidency" and then went on to go after Obama's patriotism. We must remove these cretins from the political gene pool.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had 2 cocktails on a empty stomach
when I sat down with Gabbie my lab to watch Bill Mahrer.That man is beyond stupid.. My Bubbe used to say A nahr bleibt a nahr (A fool remains a fool) Thats him alright-Kingston
In regards to Obama...
Meanwhile I'm in Pa and I just got back from an planning meeting with the Obama people who just came into to Pa. 100 people standing room only to help out.Including 2 local state reps..

At 4:10 PM, Blogger woid said...

I could barely make it through the panel segment of Maher's show this week. Two of the most unbearable Republicans, Kingston and the nauseating David Frum, spewing garbage practically non-stop. The third guest was a woman from (I think) the Washington Journal who (when she could get a word in at all), took the "centrist" position of saying there's a lot wrong on both sides. Neither she nor Maher ever contradicted the two sleazebags on their lies.

For that delusional 19% who still buy into the bullshit, I don't think this would have undermined the Republican party at all. It was all spin, no reality.

I wish Maher would be more of a moderator, and more on top of the facts. But he's not — and he goes out of his way to feature idiots like Kingston, as well as Christopher Hitchens, Andrew Sullivan, and his "friend" Ann Coulter. Sometimes they're up against other panelists who can shoot them down, but usually not. And, in classic right-wing fashion, they generally just outshout anybody who tries to oppose them.

This episode was especially hard to watch.


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