Thursday, December 20, 2007



"To be on the safe side," said Giuliani spokesperson Katie Levinson, "the mayor consulted with his personal physician in New York and made the decision to go to the Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for routine tests." Barnes Jewish Hospital? Have Hucko and Willard heard about this?

Here in Bangkok it's 7pm on Thursday evening. Back in L.A. it's 4am Thursday morning (still Wednesday night for most Americans). I wonder how many people even know the big news that just flashed across TV screens here-- that the man who was once the frontrunner for the (worthless) Republican presidential nomination, Rudy Giuliani, was admitted to a St Louis hospital... with "flu-like symptoms." He turned his private jet around and flew back to St Louis because he had these "flu-like symptoms." A few weeks ago I got on a plane with flu-like symptoms, a plane to New Delhi. I got over it.

I'm not suggesting he left one of his favorite drag outfits in St Louis and that's the real reason he turned around his private jet. But come on: "flu-like symptoms"? Who is he kidding? Is he that much of a woos? Or is there something they're not telling us about the flu-like symptoms?

Or is he getting ready to bow out of a race he now knows he can't win-- and planning to use "health reasons" as the excuse, just like he did when he realized Hillary was going to clean his clock when he tried running for the U.S. Senate, only to see the futility of that race and duck the ignominy of losing to her.

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