Sunday, November 18, 2007



David from the Art of Mental Warfare teamed up with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails to present "Warning." The project takes on the covert interests behind the war and our media saturated society. From war crimes to the destruction of the environment and a celebrity-obsessed culture, "The Warning" is a clarion call to action for an apathetic nation."

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At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that's powerful stuff. Thanks for passing it along.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger AB said...

I couldn't watch the entire video. I knew one of the guys who hung on that bridge in fallujah, and while I think even I had photos up on my blog before the names were released, once their names were released I was just sick.


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Ow. What else can I say!

At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howie; You continue to amaze me with your presentations. Thank you so much for your time and efforts to inform and inspire. This year I give thanks to you for you devotion to getting the truth out.This video should receive national exposure, and soon.

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always loved Trent Reznor. I think the presentation was fairly spot on. I guess if it is felt that the images and stats are false then maybe we should be examining if there is any real truth anymore. I think when newspapers were the overwhelmingly popular media it was much easier to filter through the bullcrap and find something resembling truth. However in this era of mass media and the internet it has become as the video clearly states: it's all distraction. Our leaders in our government and our media have all become illusionists. They keep us focused on what the Hilton and Britney hands are doing, while we pretend we don't see them sawing our rights in half before our eyes.

Anyhow well done video.

At 3:56 PM, Blogger tc said...

bad.ass. (like those Brave New Films says-"Psssst, do something.")

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Desi, you knew one of the Blackwater contractors? I'm curious, what motivated him to join? Do you agree or disagree with the people who call them mercenaries? Should the U.S. government be privatizing our military?

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So... is that an official NIN video, or did someone just take that song and add their own images to it? Just want to know if I should have new respect for Trent Reznor or not.


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