Thursday, November 22, 2007



Our pals over the Center for American Progress have been running a TV ad campaign in 3 Midwestern cities (Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Columbus). Instead of confusing people about what Democrats are and what we believe in, the way power-mongers and reactionaries like Rahm Emanuel on the one hand, and Heath Shuler on the other, do, this series of ads proudly bolsters the "progressive" brand by highlighting our core values and philosophical differences with conservatives.

All indications are now pointing to a massive rejection of Republicans and their philosophy of governance-- if self-serving rapaciousness, selfish greed and bigoted demagoguery can be termed a philosophy. Weak, timid and insecure Democratic leaders, rather than take the opportunity to hammer home what is inherently wrong with the Republicans and their essential right-wing "inner core," just want to keep a low profile and wait for power to drop into their laps.

Since the day DWT started publishing, we've been warning our readers that Rahm Emanuel really is our Tom Delay, every bit as bad in the deepest ways: a politician in love with power for its own sake and willing to do whatever he thinks it takes to get it. In Emanuel's case that has meant beating up on progressives and trying to shut down the Democratic grassroots. Later today we're going to take a look at the race for Congress in Ohio's 5th CD and examine Emanuel's role there. The ads I want to offer this morning are the polar opposite of what Emanuel and our Democratic Party "leaders" have been offering. Watch them and envision them saving our country from the grasp on the Tom Delays and Rahm Emanuels.



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