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Congressional Republicans tarred with Bush's brush

You know how whenever you point out Bush's unbelievably low approval ratings Republicans always say that the Congress also is held in contempt by most Americans? Well, they have a point. But they shouldn't make it too loudly-- for their own sake. That's because today's Washington Post shows that most Americans, while not happy with Congress know exactly where to put the most blame: on the obstructionist Republicans.

Let's look at a few questions and a few answers that should-- if they were honest, though they're not, so they don't-- shut the GOP propagandists down.

Congressional Democrats Job Approval
Approve     30%      
Disapprove  63        
Congressional Republicans Job Approval          
Approve     29%               
Disapprove  67          
How Much Do You Think Congress Has Accomplished This Year? 

A great deal     2%
A good amount   14%
Not much       65%
Nothing        17% 

If Congress Has Accomplished Little Or Nothing, Who Deserves Most Of The Blame For That?

Congressionl Democrats 25%
Bush and the Congressional Republicans 51%
Both 20%

Which Party Do You Trust To Do A Better Job Handling The Following Issues?

Democrats Republicans
Iraq 49% 34%
Health Care 56% 26%
Terrorism 41% 40%
Economy 51% 33%
Budget Deficits 52% 29%

Do You Think The War In Iraq Was Worth Fighting, Or Not?

Worth it 38%
Not worth it 59%

Have Congressional Democrats Gone Too Far Or Not Far Enough In Opposing The War in Iraq?

Too Far 35%
Not Far Enough 55%

Should Congress Approve Bush's Request For $190B To Fund The Wars In Iraq & Afganistan in '08?

Approve 27%
Reduce Somewhat 23%
Reduce Sharply 43%
Approve No Money 3%

Do You Support The Proposal To Increase Funding For SCHIP By $35B Over The Next 5 Years?

Yes, strongly       49%
Yes, somewhat      23%
No, somewhat       8%
No, strongly        17%

Do You Think A Dem President Or A GOP President Would Do A Better Job Resolving The Situation In Iraq?

Democrat 51%
Republican 31%

In light of this, perhaps Nancy Pelosi should reconsider what is on and what is off the table. And congressional Democrats might want to think about this good and hard.

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At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to H Fineman(reliability:??)on Keith O, Dem "leadership" is going to make a push on Iraq in Jan & Feb. WTF!!!!

At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that goes for all who do not support throwing BUSHCO into the darkest dankest dungeon for their TREASON and the damage they have willfully and deliberately done to this country in their insane lust for money and power. Exporting democracy was the last thing on their twisted minds. Those in Congress and the media who do not support impeachment, conviction and imprisonment are appeasers, accomplices, and accessories after the fact. We do not need Vichy Collaborator Dems anymore than we need Repugs.


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