Friday, October 05, 2007



With so much focus on the religionist right and the rest of the panoply of Republican fronts and hate groups, the pathetic pygmies™ were overjoyed to get away from all that today and have an opportunity to address what for most of them is the heart and soul of old fashioned Republicanism: Greed and Selfishness. Most of the pygmies showed up at a conference held in DC by the anti-tax nuts, Americans for Prosperity. The name is catchier than Americans for Greed and Selfishness or Americans Who Oppose Health Care For Needy Children. But it's the same old, same old. Romney and Giuliani attacked each other like mad dogs over whose policies have been more selfish and heartless, each, of course, claiming his own policies have been more greed-based than his rival's. David Brooks, the NY Times in-house wingnut, bemoans the state modern conservatism in the hands of these Republican Party hucksters in, for him, a well-written report in today's paper of record.

Meanwhile, this Republican gabfest for the rich brings to mind that the candidates have assiduously avoided forums where the problems of the non-rich are discussed and have skipped every single minority, working class and even youth-oriented candidate debate. I guess what their former VP-candidate Jack Kemp asked-- "What are we going to do-- meet in a country club in the suburbs one day?"-- has been answered.



At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday's NYT has Romney criticizing Rudy for his fiscal and social issues. But what I found blatant was Mitt's reference to "three legs of the stool" --defense conservatives, economic conservatives, and social conservatives that must be maintained as the Repug base in order to win the election in 2008. The Repugs talk freely about giving away our money and have practiced that well over the past 6 years. We know about their socially conservative base, but has anyone labeled the military industrial complex as part of the Repug base in such a straight-forward way? Tyranny reigns!


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