Saturday, September 15, 2007



-by Mags

As a kid I remember watching the old westerns or movies where the hero came riding up at the end to save the day for the distressed maiden or the unlucky person who happened into the way of evil doers.
Human beings invent rescue scenarios all the time. It is part of our myth and legend. It is part of our psyche, perhaps part of who we are and who we always will be. We wish to rescue the helpless, the powerless, the unfortunate.
Our institutionalized heros are our law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and our various branches of the military. These are the folks who don the uniform to carry out our humane imperative to save and rescue.
Today, after years of Regime lying and obfuscation, I think about the perilous situation of the troops. The kids, fathers, brothers and sisters and mothers that we have sent to Iraq. Those among us who donned the uniform and who act out George Bush's fantasy, his made up excuse for being in Iraq to rescue. That is why it is so easy to sell, this idea of his-- it is about rescue. It is part of our core, who we are. The cavalry is coming... we hear the sound of the bugle.
There is no concern for the rescuer from Bush. Our soldiers are the one group among us who is truly under his thumb, the one group over which he is the dictator as he so often reminds us, Commander in Chief. The soldiers soldier on while Americans argue slogans and numbers of votes in a legislature made up of career politicians and presidential hopefuls, those who wish to gain something for themselves by their stance on the war, on the troops.
Today, I ponder the mayhem, the inhumane mission, the misery of the never ending war for those who we consider our heroes. I think about how they have been used and misused. If I were to put myself in their position, I cannot imagine how they can hold up their head or take one more step due to the inhumanity and the futility of what they are now being asked to do.
Today I ponder... who will rescue the troops? Who will finally declare George Bush to be the madman he truly is? Who will help them? Who will care enough to save them, the troops, our kids. Who will speak for them, the troops, our brave who sacrifice? Who will stand for them, the fathers, and mothers and sisters and brothers? Who will finally care enough to treat them as if they are not only the heroes they volunteered to be, but who will finally finally treat them as human beings? Who will finally be honest? Who will finally say enough is enough? 
Who will bring them home?



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