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We first met an Iraq-based blogger in the U.S. Army in August, Army of Dude, who doesn't sugarcoat the reports coming out of Iraq. Yesterday, he had something to say about Rush Limbaugh's hypocritical comments on soldiers who disagree with him. (Suggestion, since Limbaugh has been bellowing that his slurs against soldiers were taken out of context: listen to the drug addled draft dodger's own words, in his own context.)
Of course, this is the same Rush Limbaugh who threw a fit about the Petraeus ad, calling it "contemptible" and "indecent." Apparently anyone in the military is above criticism as long as they agree with Rush's brave belief that we should be in Iraq "as long as it takes." And I use the term 'we' loosely, as I believe the closest Rush has ever gotten to combat was watching We Were Soldiers with surround sound.

Over at Salon today, Glenn Greenwald makes the case that this goes way beyond Limbaugh and goes right to the heart of the whole foul Republican propaganda machine. Glenn talks about Fox again trying to convince its mostly very elderly and frightened viewers that poor President Bush is surrounded by "disgraceful military leaders." These rightists want it both ways, don't they?

The Fox commentator and O'Reilly crony of the day is David Hunt and he starts his attack that you might not expect to hear from Fox after a week of non-stop condemnation of MoveOn's newspaper ad" Our generals are betraying our soldiers... Our generals in both the Army and Marine Corps have cared more about their precious careers and reputations than their soldiers and Marines under them... We should be putting these generals on trial. When will Fox condemn itself? When will the Senate and House condemn Fox? Of course, the only really relevant question is to ask when we, the American people, will condemn the whole lot of these right-wing hypocrites and loons and banish them from government entirely.

Even the sleaziest and most opportunistic of political hacks, Piece O' Mitt and McCain have attacked Limbaugh for his idiotic utterances. And you can even watch a White House flack distancing Bush from one of his foremost propagandists:

But so what? Limbaugh is a cyst on the rear end of Bush and McCain and Romney and the rest of these vicious right-wing thugs who have hijacked America fro their own selfish reasons. Forget Limbaugh and his hate comments; he makes them every single day. Instead just keep one thing in mind: More and BETTER Democrats

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At 6:02 PM, Blogger fessenden said...

Rush is right! If any of these so called soldiers don't support the president 100% they should be told to stop sniveling or be put on the first plane stateside and sent home to their mothers! Then the real men can show them how it's done. We shouldn't trust any soldiers over there that aren't Real Republicans, like Rush, and George and Dick and the Romney boys.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubya was the ultimate phony soldier when he dolled himself up in a flight suit, complete with codpiece (probably at the suggestion of that phony reporter-"hot military" guy), landed on that aircraft carrier, and declared "mission accomplished", or was it years before when he couldn't manage to show up for his National Guard duty?
Then there's Cheney's five deferments... and anyone remember Bill O'Lieley's comment about having "been in combat" himself. Only in your twisted tiny mind, Bill.


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