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The newest member of Congress is Laura Richardson, who won a landlside victory yesterday in a special election to replace deceased progressive Juanita Millender-McDonald (D-CA). The Republican opponent won nearly 25% of the vote. The next special election (September 4) will be for the seat being vacated by Massachusetts congressman Marty Meehan. Blue America endorsed the most effective progressive in the race, Jamie Eldridge. Jamie will be spending much of tomorrow taking questions at Daily Kos (9am- 6pm, EDT).

From the start of this campaign, Jamie has proven himself to stand head and shoulders-- literally and figuratively-- above the other candidates looking to replace Meehan, most notably through the heavy lifting he has done in support of universal, single-payer healthcare. The solution to our national health care crisis lies not in moderation and compromise, but in bold leadership that will stand up for our Democratic values. That describes Jamie-- bold leadership. Jamie also will fight to end the war in Iraq now, reform how the federal government pays for public education and work to ensure fair trade over free trade which all too often leaves the American worker behind.

Jamie's grassroots campaign has gained the support of Democracy for America and the Progressive Democrats of America, along with 18 labor unions and 33 of his colleagues in the Massachusetts House and Senate. When Jamie ran for State Representative in 2002, he was the only Clean Elections candidate elected in Massachusetts history. For more details on Jamie's plans, check out his website or ask him about it tomorrow on Daily Kos!

And if you'd like to assist his efforts in a more direct way, the Jamie Eldridge Blue America page is open (24/7).

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