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You know, I think I've been unfair to Republican lobbyist/presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. I keep pointing out that he's the worst possible candidate for a leadership role because he has an uncanny knack for surrounding himself with incompetents and scoundrels and, after all, we really have had enough of that after 7 years of Bush. Now I don't want to take back anything I've said about Giuliani-- not when anyone cane look up his relationships with South Carolina's Ravenels, one a cocaine dealer/party boy and the other a KKK Grand Dragon, or with the child molesting priest he has working for him, the gangster guy, the head of his entire southern strategy, David Diapers Vitter (R-LA), or his California co-chairmen, that state's most corrupt congressman, Jerry Lewis as well as a closet queen who pays his lover/chief of "staff" exorbitantly from tax payer funds.

No, Giuliani knows how to pick 'em-- wrong, all the time. But he isn't the only one. There is also one thing Flip Flop Mitt doesn't flip flop about: picking a terrible bunch of hacks and small time thugs to associate with. Remember, if either of these two ever becomes president-- God forbid-- we have already got a preview of the thousands of appointments we can expect to be made.

Today's Boston Herald thoroughly examines Romney aide Jay Garrity. He didn't commit a capital offense-- he committed one that is a crystal clear warning about exactly what kind of an administration a president Mitt would put together. So while Romney is marching up and down Iowa with his motley brood of Iraq-avoiding sons, calling for an ethanol plant on every corner and establishing an Iowa Faith and Values Steering Committee to report back to him that reproductive choice for women is bad and that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry, Mr. Garrity and his staff are aggressively impersonating law enforcement officers.
In an apparent violation of the law, a controversial aide to ex-Gov. Mitt Romney created phony law enforcement badges that he and other staffers used on the campaign trail to strong-arm reporters, avoid paying tolls and trick security guards into giving them immediate access to campaign venues, sources told the Herald.

The bogus badges were part of the bizarre security tactics allegedly employed by Jay Garrity, the director of operations for Romney who is under investigation for impersonating a law enforcement officer in two states. Garrity is on a leave of absence from the campaign while the probe is ongoing.

A campaign source said Garrity directed underlings on Romney’s presidential staff to use the badges at events nationwide to create an image of security and to ensure that the governor’s events went smoothly.

“They (the aides) knew the badges were fake and probably illegal,” said a presidential campaign source who asked for anonymity because the story could damage the individual’s career. “But they went along with it because Jay (Garrity) pushed it on them.”

They should just nominate Gingrich and take the whoopin' they've earned.


Seeking to distance himself from what was clearly standard procedure in his very top-down campaign, Romney got rid of the face of the face of the problem, Jay Garrity. Still no word about what Giuliani is going to do about David Diapers Vitters (or a dozen other unsavory characters at the heart of his campaign) or what McCain is doing about his Florida co-chair, the one who solicits strange men in public toilets for sex, testing the limits of the actual anti-solicitation law he wrote. These Republicans are just too much!

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