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So Bush started the day by saying-- again-- that he doesn't care what the Congress says about the deteriorating Iraq situation. He's in his own little world of make believe and the troops are staying put. He's the Decider. So the House of Representative closed the day by passing HR 2956, the Responsible Redeployment From Iraq Act, 223-201. Only 4 Republicans agreed to put narrow partisan loyalties to Bush and fear of Cheney aside and join the majority of Congressmembers in passing this. The 4 Republicans who were brave enough to do what the American people want their representatives to do were Wayne Gilchrest (MD), John Duncan (TN), Walter Jones (NC) and Jo Ann Emerson (MO).

Alas, there were 9 Cheney Democrats who are against ending the occupation and are still voting for escalation and endless war, 9 Democrats who should not be supported for re-election in 2008:
John Barrow (GA)
Dan Boren (OK)
Chris Carney (PA)
Brad Ellsworth (PA)
Tim Holden (PA)
Jim Marshall (GA)
Jim Matheson (UT)
Vic Snyder (AR)
Gene Taylor (MS)

It's criminal that the DCCC solicits unsuspecting grassroots Democrats for contributions based on ending the Iraq occupation and doesn't explain that for every dollar you give the DCCC a potion goes to John Barrow, Jim Marshall Brad Ellsworth and Chris Carney. These 4 are the most endangered Democrats in the House and they think voting like Republicans will save their asses-- especially if Democrats don't know. If it's time to cut off the funding to Bush it's also time to cut off the funding to the DCCC unless they promise to stop financing Barrow, Marshall, Ellsworth and Carney.
Not since the Vietnam war have the legislative and executive branches fought so bitterly over the president’s authority as commander in chief to prosecute an unpopular war. Around the Capitol this morning, televisions were tuned into the White House news conference, as members of Congress and their aides passed around the White House’s Iraq status report.

Lawmakers in both parties bristled at the president’s suggestion that Congress was overstepping its role in the war debate. Among them was Senator George V. Voinovich, an Ohio Republican who has called for a change of direction in Iraq.

“We have a role to express our opinion in regards to the way he does anything,” Mr. Voinovich said in an interview. “He should welcome our point of view because it does reflect the point of view of the people who elected us to office.”

And a new poll today shows that only 19% of Americans view Bush's escalation policy in Iraq as successful.
Republicans, by a 38% to 23% margin, say the surge has been a success. Democrats, by a 63% to 8% margin, consider it a failure. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 12% say the surge was a success. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of unafiliateds consider it a failure while 33% say it’s too early to tell.

Virtually all surveys on Iraq have shown a similar partisan divide, but support for the President’s position is eroding. Most Americans now want U.S. combat troops out of Iraq by early next year. Most American voters (53%) say that Democrats in Congress have not done “enough to change President Bush’s policies in Iraq.” Americans continue to view the situation in Iraq as the top issue facing the country today.

Despite the desire for a troop withdrawal, just 21% of voters now believe it is likely that President Bush will announce a troop withdrawal in the near future. Sixty-four percent (64%) say such an announcement from the President is Not Very Likely or Not at All Likely.

Time for Ms. Pelosi to put a certain something (11 words, starts with I; think Ken Starr abusing it) back on the table. Barbara Boxer thinks she should. Even if Bush and Cheney can't be found guilty of whatever Articles of Impeachment Waxman draws up and the House passes-- and they won't be-- I suspect that Bush's fear of being impeached by the House-- and his absurd lust for respectability as though some historian will someday judge him to have been a legitimate president, let alone a competent one-- will motivate him to compromise with Congress on ending the occupation.


For whatever reason, most of the Republican senators Americans were counting on to start voting to oppose the continued occupation of Iraq-- the ones who had announced they think its a terrible, failed policy-- voted... to continue the occupation of Iraq. Especially disappointing, of course, were the big mouths who made all the noise about a need for a change-- Domenici, Lugar and Voinovich. The one House member who tried to get in on the free publicity was Northern California's most crooked rubber stamp rep, John Doolittle. He made some noise last week but, of course, voted with Bush and Cheney and against his constituents this afternoon. Maybe they promised him the pardon he'll soon be needing.
Rep. John Doolittle removed any thought that he was abandoning his support of President Bush's policy in Iraq on Thursday when he voted to oppose a Democratic resolution to begin withdrawing U.S. troops within 120 days.

...Last week, in a meeting with his constituents and with the Sacramento Bee's editorial board, the conservative Roseville Republican said the war had turned into a "quagmire" and that his position had evolved to the point where he now favored pulling back U.S. troops from the front lines.

The congressman's comments were widely reported as him joining a handful of Republicans parting company with the president over the war.

Doolittle said Thursday that he is not responsible for how his remarks were interpreted, but he has not abandoned the president, or given up on the president's "surge" policy. That policy boosted U.S. troop strength there to help Iraqi troops battle insurgents in neighborhood-by-neighborhood combat. "I've been a staunch supporter of the president, and I remain that," Doolittle said.

Emphasis was mine. Hopefully the Bee will remember how he played them-- and the voters-- for suckers.

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At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am convinenced there will never be an impeachment, w or dick. I also believe there is no end of how low and costly for their own gain, financial & political, either will go to continue their treasonous actions.
The newly elected congress doesn't have the votes. And, again from above about how bad they become(as long as you are alive it can always get worse)the sorry ass republicans will never try to impeach their own kind.
w will not consider withdrawal because it will make him look as if he 'honestly' tried to accomplish something while in office and the next president would look like an incompetent buffoon trying handle the leaving of Iraq. This is if first we get through the presidential election with a democrat the winner or w pulls his dictator card by making sure our country is attacked(probably along the same lines of how he and dick ALLOWED the U.S. to be attacked on 9-11.
If somehow a republican gets elected, then look for 4 more years of this shit.
Why? Because corporations want to stay in Iraq.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheney First.

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone in congress or Washington have the balls enough to push harder for impeachment of this war nut. Im an injured soldier who was in Iraq in 2004. Now that Im back I was forced out. We made no progress whatsoever when I was there. We were hated by many Iraqis who said there wouldnt be any killing if we would leave. Bush you idiot I hope they impeach your ass.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When we left Afghanistan to fend for itself after the Soviet Union withdrew (because we were no longer interested in them, as it was the Soviets we were concerned about), an organized and unstable government allowed Osama to take refuge there after being exiled by all the other countries (including his own Saudi Arabia). If we leave Iraq now, history will repeat itself. I didn’t want us to go to war, I felt it was like hitting a wasps nest with a bat, but we did. We’ve created the perfect environment for growing terrorists. If we leave now, they will grow, no…they will flourish. Civil war will be inevitable and thousands of innocent people will be slaughtered because America “lost patience”. Lets not forget the message we will send to Al Qaeda, which will only fuel their confidence in their ability to beat us, and give them the extra courage they need to create another 9/11. Please people, think before you react. Think about the consequences. Think about the slaughter you will unleash upon a people that did not ask for us to come in their country and turn their lives upside down. This is just bad Karma…and it will bite us in the butt like it did with Afganistan...just wait and see.

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:51, thank you for your service.

Chris Van Hollen needs to take the Howie Klein Pledge: not another dime to the war-enabling Democrats.


At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it would be a mistake of monumental perportion if Bush and Cheney are NOT impeached. If there ever was a chief executive who deserves it it's Bush. If the Dems don't get that we will be paying as a nation for decades to come.

If the crimes of this administration go unanswered it will mean that any Presidents who comes after will have an even higher threshold of criminality before impeachment can be justified. The Republicans substantially lowered the bar for impeachment with the Clinton affair but they went so far over the top with rhetoric and misuse of the process that apparently Dems in congress are afraid to even bring the subject up.

What they fail to realise is that the American people understand the difference between lying about sex and defiling the Constitution. I just wish our "leaders" would pay more attention to the will of the people.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger mirth said...

Anonymous @ 12:06

Yes, withhold our $ from these complicit congressional Dems, but let's withhold our votes as well.
Incumbents out!

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The U.S. government doesn't exist anymore people. At least not in the way we would like. We pay our elected officials to do a job for us, THEY WORK FOR US PEOPLE, THEY ARE OUR EMPLOYEES. Now when an employee is not doing the job we hired them to do, then we find someone who will. At the present moment WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT AND A NEW CONGRESS. I IMPLORE everyone who reads this message to slow down and pay more attention to what your "employees" are doing. Do whatever you can to replace them as soon as possible. It sounds easy, but its not. But, if we all work together and we do whatever it takes, then maybe one day we will be satisfied with who we hired.

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellsworth represents Indiana.


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