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Did you ever wonder how we wound up in this disastrous Iraq mess? It was more than Bush and Cheney. Take a look

Most responsible members of the political class-- even Republicans other than Mitt Romney-- know full well that Ann Coulter takes it a little way too far. Duncan Hunter isn't one of the responsible ones though. Think Progress has a video up of Hunter showing all Americans what southern California already knows: Hunter is one screwball who can't be leaving Congress soon enough (although he has decided to leave his seat to his equally rancid and extremist son, Duncan, Jr.).

It doesn't take a lot of looking at Hunter's public utterances to realize that there is something wrong with his thought process. In his crazy, mixed up little world, everything is topsy turvey and threatening. To Duncan Hunter Ann Coulter is "a great American" and Elizabeth Edwards, for calmly and reasonably, even respectfully, calling for a stop to personal attacks is just trying to silence conservative voices. He has a point; in 2007 Ann Coulter is practically all there is left to conservative voices.

To a Duncan Hunter, obsessed with brown immigrants, the second he got challenged on Coulter's gutter speech, he started in on hysterics about "amnesty." The man is clearly demented. But this campaign has always been a blatant strategy for taking the attention away from his overwhelming corruption, bribe taking that made his junior partner Randy "Duke" Cunningham look like small potatoes. To Hunter, asking this hateful harridan to stop being a contemptible force for divisiveness in our country is just liberals pushing amnesty and trying to shut down Hate Talk Radio. "Ann Coulter is a very articulate spokeswoman for the conservative view. And I think the idea that when conservatives talk, they’re considered to talk in a mean way, and yet when Democrats talk, they’re exercising their right to free speech and they’re simply conveying a philosophy. Of course, the whole idea in politics is to marginalize the other guy and make him appear to be extreme."

Maybe Hunter could make her his campaign spokesperson since he thinks she's such a great spokesperson for conservative thought.

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At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been saying for decades that Duncan Hunter was a nasty, crooked piece of shit. Maybe soon he'll find himself in the prison cell he so richly deserves. Unless Bush pardons him, of course.

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To call Duncan Hunter batshit crazy is unfair...to bat guano! Bat shit is useful as a fertilizer. Duncan Hunter is utterly worthless and unnecessary.

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