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You know what Lieberman looks like. Wanna guess which one is Katrina?

Getting the New Hampshire Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate this year pretty much looks like steady employment as part of the world's most exclusive club for at least the next six years, and far more likely, statistically, 12-18. That's because rubber stamp Republican phony John Sununu is not only on the wrong side of every important issue to New Hampshire's voters, he is also now exposed as having gotten into the position because of voter fraud perpetrated on his behalf by criminal elements then running the GOP and, more recently, kicking back in prison cells.

Katrina Swett really, really wants the job. She's working hard at it. But every time the topic comes up people say former-Governor Jeanne Shaheen, the one who was cheated by Sununu last time, has the nomination if she wants it. Other politicians, well... Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, have even said they would pull out of the race if she jumps in. She says she's thinking it over. She certainly doesn't need to build any name recognition.

And Swett? Well, there's a little problem there. Katrina Swett ran Joe Lieberman's presidential primary in New Hampshire in 2004 and aggressively supported him against Democrat Ned Lamont in last year's general election in neighboring Connecticut. To most activist Democrats that makes her pretty toxic.

She's been very frustrated and she's trying to fight back against the political cooties by disavowing Holy Joe. The TPMCafe has confirmed a letter Swett sent to a voter:
I have known Joe Lieberman for a long time and, while he is a friend of mine, I certainly do not agree with him on a lot of issues-- especially Iraq. I do find myself disagreeing with him more and more frequently these days. This doesn't change the fact that we are friends, but it does change my support of him as a politician.

I wouldn't trust her, not for 5 seconds. Keep praying Shaheen gets into the race. In fact, if she does, maybe Lieberman will do her a favor and endorse his pal Sununu, the same way he boosted Tom Allen's campaign by endorsing Maine's rubber stamp Republican Senator Susan Collins.

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At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Gov. Shaheen does not enter the race the best choice is probably Steve Marchand, the Mayor of Portsmouth. A while back I got a fundraising letter from him. He sounds like a good guy and has reached out to the netroots. I didn't give him money then, but if it comes down to Marchand vs Swett, he is the one ...


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