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So what happened in Georgia today? Not much in the way of participatory democracy. Like we explained on Monday, the Republican field was atrocious-- the very worst of the pernicious Know Nothing fear and loathing that have made The South a hopeless political swamp since England started sending convicts and idlers to colonize it in the early eighteenth century. As expected, racist, xenophobe and all around bigoted ignoramus Jim Whitehead won-- but not outright. The last time I looked at the Secretary of State's site, 87% of the precincts were accounted for and Whitehead was leading with 41%, Marlow coming in second with 22% and Broun, an even further right maniac and hate-monger than Whitehead, was nipping at Marlow's heels with 21%. (Greene, the one who wants to build walls around everything and seal America in saran-wrap had only appealed to 3% of his fellow northeast Georgians. In fact, two other Democrats were running ahead of Greene.

I noticed this morning that ole Mac Collins, the former Republican extremist congressloon who tried, unsuccessfully, to win his seat back last year from pro-war right-wing Democrat Jim Marshall wants to try again. With progressives finding no reason whatsoever to go to the polls and support someone as reactionary as Marshall, he came closer to any other Democratic incumbent in the House to losing his seat in a breakthrough year for Democrats. Out of almost 160,000 votes, Marshall only outpolled Collins by 1,752. Another extremist maniac, retired Air Force Major General Rick Goddard, has already declared he's running for the GOP nomination. I imagine he and Collins will get into a pissing contest of who's further to the right-- which is kind of like trying to figure out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Like the contest we just watched in GA-10, immigration will be the big issue. These folks don't care who they hate as long as some demagogue can direct it somewhere. Collins wrote an Op-Ed for the local paper called "Mr. President, On Immigration You Are Dead Wrong!!!"

Collins is trying to make hay out of Marshall's vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker. I suppose a vote for someone as corrupt as Denny Hastert, Collins' idea of a Speaker would have been preferable. Too bad Marshall doesn't have the balls to ask Collins how he feels about his Speaker covering up-- for years for predatory child-molester Mark Foley (R-FL). Now that's a Republican Speaker of the House. And speaking about votes for your party's leadership, is anyone going to ask Mac Collins about why he consistently voted for Tom DeLay, an indicted criminal?

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At 6:40 PM, Blogger Dana said...


Based on what's out, Marlow is going to come in third, a telling indictment of Georgia Democrats' poverty.

Even if he sneaks into the run-off, the national Democratic party may not see enough of a shot to make an investment.

And consider that this district includes Athens, home of UGA, which Marlow won with an absolute majority. It was added in the 2005 mid-decade redistricting, a Republican tradition Democrats ought to get hip to, rather than worrying about fairness and getting hit over the head lessons when they're out of power.


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