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Violating the Hatch Act means Doan has to lose her job. Perjury is another matter. She told the committee that all she could remember about Rove's assistant's meeting at the GSA was that cookies were served. But now it comes out that she was lying her ass off over and over and over. Doan should be in prison with Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby.

If Bush's dumbing down of the education system with his hideous No Child Left Behind Act wasn't law and hadn't abolished civics classes, I'd suggest that every junior high school kid be asked to watch Doan testifying in front of Henry Waxman's House Oversight and Governmnet Reform Committee this morning. The videos are mind-boggling and they'll all available at the link above. But even non-junior high schoolers ought to watch this one; it'll give you an idea about what kind of a government you've been paying for for the past 7 years-- and why Bush ought to be impeached immediately.

Chairman Waxman: “At our March hearing, you repeatedly claimed you could not recall any information about the January 26, 2007 meeting or the White House political presentation, and you had absolutely no memory of asking GSA employees how they could help Republican candidates in upcoming elections. That’s what you told us. We questioned you over and over again. You remember there were cookies, you remembered you came in late, you remembered that some employees didn’t attend, but beyond that you said you had no further information. Five weeks later you testified before the Office of Special Counsel and suddenly you had a new enriched details about the meeting and your statements. According to your OSC testimony, you said you asked the White House presenter, how can GSA help its cabinet liaison understand that the opening of the San Francisco federal building would be a perfect event for President Bush to attend. Did you say that to the Office of Special Counsel?”

Doan: “Yes, I believe I did.”

Waxman: “You also told them that Mr. Jennings suggested you write a white paper, or a one-pager, explaining why it would be relevant for the President to attend. But you didn’t tell that to our committee. During your interview with OSC you testified that you refrained from providing this committee with full information about the meeting, you testified that you were advised not to engage in a quote, ’substantive discussion,’ end quote, of the political briefing that you believed OSC investigators should have quote, ‘first dibs,’ on this information. That makes it sound like when you told us you didn’t recall you were really holding back information. You did tell us under oath that you didn’t remember, then you told the Special Counsel under oath that you did remember and you were even saving the information for him. When you appear before this committee and you testify under oath you’re supposed to testify honestly and completely, that’s an obligation that people have and it’s to be taken seriously.”

Christy has been live-blogging this circus over at Firedoglake, doing the incredible job she always does. The Moonie Times, on the other hand, has a less credible analysis than even the most humble FDL commenter.

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At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap, finally an admission that the administration strategy before congress has been to lie. It really indicates BushCo's complete lack of respect for congress as an arm of the federal government doesn't it. In turn, it demonstrates a complete disregard for America and its system of government. I can think of nothing that justifies impeachment more than this.

At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did she say who told her not to be fully responsive??


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