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John Boccieri and Gov. Strickland

We've mentioned before that doddering, senile old Ralph Regula (R-OH) is near the end of his trail, at least politically, and that he would probably retire "soon." He was hoping, like so many self-entitled Inside the Beltway hacks, to leave his district to his son, Richard. But the son was defeated in his attempt to be re-elected to the Stark County Board of Commissioners last year, short-circuiting that notion. Among the Democrats getting thinking of running in OH-16 are State Sen. John Boccieri, Alliance at-large Councilman Steve Okey, Canton councilman Bill Smuckler, and Ohio appeals court judge Scott Gwin.

The district leans Republican. Bush won in 2000 and 2004 with, respectively 53% and 54% and last year Regula won re-election to his 18th term with 59% of the vote (his smallest percentage in many years). Saturday's Beacon Journal makes it clear that Republicans are losing patience with Regula. Democrats are already coalescing around Senator Boccieri who has officially announced his challenge and is being backed by popular Governor Ted Strickland.

The wingnut most likely to throw Regula under the bus is a right-wing, anti-choice state Senator named Kirk Schuring. He doesn't have the cajones to challenge Regula in a primary but he says he wants to be ready in case... something happens (Regula is about to turn 83). He can expected to be a rubber stamp nonentity for a Bush/Cheney-like agenda. People who think America has been going in the wrong direction need to look in other directions than Schuring.

Today's L.A. Times published a poll reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with the tepid response the Democratic majorities have had to the excesses of the Bush Regime. Democrats are sick and tired of symbolic, non-binding votes and are fed up with "impeachment is off the table." Most people are aware Bush is far and aware the worst occupant the White House has ever had. Voters repudiated him last November and elected majorities in both houses and now they expect results. A vote for Schuring would, of course, be a vote for more Bush. What about John Boccieri? He says things have to change and local Ohio bloggers seemed excited about him running. He's not some slimy Inside the Beltway Cheney-Dem and is opposed to Bush/Emanuel/Hoyer corporate trade legislation. He was deployed to Iraq 3 times as part of the Air Force Reserve so it's less likely that the GOP Cowardly Chicken Hawk Brigade will be able to swiftboat him successfully-- not that they won't try-- but we need to find out his stand on the occupation. (In his annoucement speech yesterday he called for an end to the occupation.)

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At 7:52 PM, Blogger Pete Zeigler said...

The other candidates mentioned have all announced their intention to step aside prior to this announcement. Barring a minor candidate (not unlikely due to Ohio's liberal ballot access laws), Boccieri has a clear path to the nomination.

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