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Yesterday ABC reported that the madman in the White House is now actively goading Iran into a war, a tactic tyrants and aggressors have used all through history. And today the Bush Regime propaganda machine is hard at work-- on full blast-- screeching about Iran planning to attack Europe and about bin-Laden planning to attack Paducah. Encouraged by Congress backing off from Bush's game of chicken with the safety of American troops in Iraq and agreeing to fund the war with no strings attached, Bush is determined to expand the war and bankrupt the U.S. government.

Progressives and moderates supported the Democratic leadership's approach to the Supplemental Funding bill-- to fund war efforts so long as they were tied to a reasonable withdrawal strategy. Bush rejected the reasonable part and Democrats are now stuck with a Rove-inspired conundrum: cut off funds from our troops or give Bush a blank check. makes the case for why the new bill-- without withdrawal dates-- should be opposed.
Voters elected Democrats in November to lead the way out of the mess in Iraq, but the supplemental bill to be voted on this week won't end the war.

There are no real timelines or real accountability for the Bush administration-- just a blank check for an endless war.

A vote for this bill is a vote to continue President Bush's failed Iraq policy, and we'll be urging every last member of Congress to vote against it.

MoveOn members are asking us to consider all options for Democratic members of congress who ran on ending the war but vote for more chaos and more troops in Iraq-- including in-district advertising and recruitment of primary challengers.

And we'll work hard so that Republicans who refuse to listen to the country on Iraq face a great political backlash in their home districts.

In an email this morning, MoveOn encouraged all 3.2 million of its members to urge Congress to vote no. In part, the email reads: "Every single Democrat must vote against this bill. This is a key test vote on whether your representative is serious about ending the war."

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At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Move On should switch their target from republicans to SPINELESS DEMOCRATS.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "spineless Democrats" who voted with the Republicans are far more desirable than "mindless"bloggers who parrot the far leftist propaganda with no cosideration of the effects of the actions they advocate!!


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