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The first half of John Podhoretz' NY Post column today is a the most repulsive rim job I've ever seen in print (since I'm not into porno). It's what you'd expect from a reactionary hack like Podwhoretz in a rag like the Post. The second half, however, shows that even the loons are starting to realize that a corrupt, crazy, crossdressing ex-mayor of New York is unlikely to have sustained appeal to the Republican base-- not when they get to know him.

Podhoretz points out that, despite his [undeserved] reputation to the contrary, Giuliani is incompetent. But the Pod isn't writing about his incompetent handling of the 9/11 crisis; of course not. Instead he's talking about the incompetence of being able to handle hiding his record from Republican primary voters in South Carolina and Iowa, something he absolutely must do if he's going to win the nomination of the most reactionary major party in American political history.
As a presidential candidate, you seem to be winging it these days-- giving off-the-cuff, ill-considered answers to delicate questions. If you keep winging it this way, you're going to fly off a cliff.

For example, the answer to your pro-choice difficulty with social conservatives on the matter of abortion isn't to blather about how much you "hate it" and then ruminate on whether the government should be responsible for helping pay for one. That's what you did last week, and you must never, ever do anything like it again-- if, that is, you actually want to become president.

The Pod then suggests dissimulation as an alternative and burying his audience in claptrap. Yeah, that's going to work. (I meant that to be sarcastic but, funny, it has been working so far.)

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At 7:07 AM, Blogger Hackwhackers said...

". . .dissimulation as an alternative and burying his audience in claptrap." You know, what the Rethuglicans have been doing for decades.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Political Realm said...

So basically he's saying Giuliani will have to lie about his positions in order to become president. Sound advice...


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