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Earlier today, I mentioned in an update to a story on another crooked Republican congressman, extortionist Rick Renzi (R-AZ), that it's hard to blame the "librul media" when the charges against you are on page one of the Wall Street Journal. There's an even more damaging place for charges against a rightist than that-- the WSJ's editorial page, the most ideologically far right spot anywhere short of the Rush Limbaugh show. And today, the editors of the Journal took a closer look at John Doolittle... and threw up. John Fund wielded the scalpel and his first words are absolutely devastating: "It's sad when someone you've known for decades gets in trouble and you're not surprised."

No one who's been reading DWT for the last couple of years could be surprised either. John Doolittle, who plays the part of an upright Mormon, has been one of the 3 or 4 most unethical and corrupt members of Congress. He-- and his wife-- are destined for prison.
After the FBI raided the home of California's Rep. John Doolittle this month in search of records from the fundraising company run by his wife, Julie, Republican House leaders didn't wait even a day before they pressured him to step down from his seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee. Everyone knows that such a raid only occurs after a judge has issued a search warrant in response to government claims that there is probable cause a crime has been committed.

In Mr. Doolittle's case, it appears the FBI is exploring allegations that Mrs. Doolittle received thousands of dollars from lobbyist turned felon Jack Abramoff for phantom work in exchange for favors Mr. Doolittle might have performed for Abramoff clients.

Fund recites kaddish over the corpse of Doolittle's reprehensible political career. "...his congressional career is over. Last year, publicity about his ties to Mr. Abramoff caused his popularity to plummet. He won re-election by only 3% in a district President Bush carried by 24% in 2004. Now he is almost certain to face a primary challenge from a local GOP state legislator, as Republicans scramble to make sure the seat stays in their hands."

As many bloggers have been doing for weeks now, Fund drew the glaring comparisons between ex-congressman Bob Ney, another DeLay/Abramoff crook who is now in prison, and his pal Doolittle.
Mr. Ney was brought down in large part because Neil Volz, his former chief of staff who later went to work for Mr. Abramoff, cooperated with prosecutors in building their case. The Sacramento Bee reports that Kevin Ring, a former Doolittle aide who also later worked in Mr. Abramoff's office, also "sought help from the congressman on behalf of [Abramoff] clients and now is believed to be talking to federal prosecutors." Mr. Ring resigned from his position at a Washington law firm on the very day Mr. Doolittle's home was raided by the FBI.

The funniest part of Fund's piece though is how he's trying to distance the Right from one of their mot stalwart members. Doolittle has been a complete Bush rubber stamp with one of the most reactionary and extremist voting records in the entire Congress-- to the right of Atilla the Hun. Yet Fund wants to talk about him cooperating with Maxine Waters and make out like "shoveling pork" wasn't an integral part of the GOP Culture of Corruption. 

At least Fund acknowledges that "Mr. Doolittle's fall from grace will no doubt be used as evidence for how the Republican Congress lost its way during its 12 years in power. And it's true that the onetime reformer has morphed into a symbol of much of what he used to fight against... A couple of his House colleagues think so too. One said that the former term-limits opponent had himself 'become a walking advertisement for them.' Another remarked on the changes he had seen in the man. 'John isn't the ideological conservative he used to be. He talks more and more like a lawyer making the best case for whatever he's doing right now.' Sadly, regarding Mr. Doolittle's efforts to remain in Congress I fear he has a weak case and a bad client."

Whether Doolittle manages to hand on 'til November '08-- unlikely-- or if there's a Special Election to fill his seat between now and then, Charlie Brown is going to need all the help he can get against the Forces of Darkness and Repression. If you oppose Darkness and Oppression, try this. Thanks.

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Up next: Duncan Hunter and Bill Lowery! Come and get 'em!

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Doolittle Vioeo

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Oh, and how could I forget Dana Rohrabacher? I'm sure he's guilty of something.


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