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Bush has an approval rating hovering around 30%. The lowest I've seen so far is 28% and the highest this year is 35%. It went up when he was in Guatemala but now that he's back again... 25% here we come. But how is it possible that even a quarter or a third of the people in this country don't recognize that this baboon and his hideous regime are the worst thing that's happened to our nation since his ideological forebearers dragged us through a Civil War in the 1860s? Is it possible that so many of us are so brain dead that we allow the Regime's propaganda machine to determine our very thoughts and opinions? I think so.

Take, for example, Bushite propagandist Tucker Carlson. The people who are so cocksure that Hannity is the stupidest tool on television need to take a careful look at the very bottom MSNBC's barrel. There they'll find Tucker Carlson, someone whose script could be-- and probably is-- written daily by a junior clerk in Karl Rove's little shoppe of horrors. True, Carlson has virtually no viewers other than lazy people without remotes. But among those Bush zombies he's... a force.

More perceptive men, more serious women, more patriotic men look around and see the catastrophe in Iraq and see our standing in the world, and the redistribution of wealth radically upward in the last 6 years and the crisis in health care and the scandals at the Department of Justice or at Walter Reed and they see a Regime that must be reined in-- if not defanged. But what does Tucker Carlson see? Let the little twerp speak for himself. Speak, little twerp, speak.
"The plan is just to hound the hell out of the Bush administration with subpoenas. Obviously Democrats are taking glee in this. Understandably. Is it good politics? Is this really so smart to attack the White House with subpoenas? I mean, the Republicans didn't do very well doing  that in the '90s."

Is trying to conduct a serious investigation into the wholesale politicization of the Justice system in our country the same as trying to find out about where the supoposed semen stain on a blue dress came from? Is that what he's talking about? Or is he babbling about one of the other right-wing batty fantasies about Bill Clinton? (Oh, I forgot to mention-- Fred Barnes is as bad as Carlson.)

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At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that 30% is because of any loyalty to the Decider, whose record has been consistent failure. Repubs can't like the fact that our country under this fool will be in debt for decades. I think that 30% doesn't change much for a simple reason: these folks despise dems, especially all things Clinton.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God that the Dems have the power of subpoena.They can use this power like a light to shine on the cockroaches that is the republican party. I wanna see the cockroaches scramble as their filth is exposed.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Political Realm said...

Its amusing to see Republicans complain about all these "useless investigations" Congress has started, because, as we all remember, the Republican Congress never held any investigations during the Clinton Presidency.

After six years of absolute power consolidated in the White House, it seems quite a few have forgotten that the Constitution actually grants powers to our Congress as well.


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