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There were no defeated Democratic incumbents in November. Defeated Republican incumbents-- from far right wing extremists Jim Ryun in Kansas and Mike Sodrel in Indiana to more mainstream conservatives Jeb Bradley in New Hampshire, Mike Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania, and Rob Simmons in Connecticut-- have begun making it official: they're running to recapture their old seats. Even one of the posterboys of the Republican bloodbath-- for corruption and for extremism and for an unblemished record of rubber stampism-- Dirty Dick Pombo, is toying with a re-run. (McNerney should only be so lucky!)

Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who resigned in disgrace after being exposed as a child molester, will not be trying to regain his old seat in south Florida (FL-16) next year. So who will the Republicans put up to try to recapture this basically moderate district? Until yesterday it was assumed that Joe Negron, who ran a credible race against eventual winner Tim Mahoney, would try again. Although he only lost by just over 4,000 votes-- and under very extenuating circumstances (Foley's name both in the headlines, luridly, and on the ballots)-- Negron took himself out of contention.

One Republican who didn't wait for Negron to take himself out of the race but who had already announced that she is running, is conservative State Rep. Gayle Harrell. She's from a backwater part of the district and is unlikely to gain traction in the most populated parts of FL-16. She's also too conservative for a district that is tailormade for a moderate Republican. "This is a Republican seat," she insists. OK, well, the Democrat who's holding it is, or was until last year, a Republican, just not a far right fanatic. If right-of-center Mahoney can hold on to Democrats in the district, which is likely, there's no reason why he can't forge an alliance with independents and moderate Republicans to keep his seat, especially against hard core conservatives like Harrell. Tom Rooney, best known as an owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Palm Beach Gardens Councilman Hal Valeche also want to run. There is every expectation that FL-16 GOP will see a good old fashioned bloodbath before the general election.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Political Realm said...

The presidential tickets could also carry a lot of influence in the FL 16 race. Bush won with 55% of the vote and Mahoney did only eek out a victory with Mark Foley still on the ballot. I'd have to think the Republicans would have the edge, but it should be close.

At 4:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mainstream conservative Jeb Bradley? Far right wing extremists Ryun and Sodrel? You're hilarious. I think Bradley would be insulted you even used conservative next to his name. And Ryun and Sodrel are anything but extreme.
Hold it, wait a minute. Now I know why you called them that-they're pro-life, aren't they? Damn extremists. Far better to be on the other side of that debate where the "rational" people are.
But that's why you have your own blogspot so you can write such nonsense.


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