Friday, February 16, 2007

If Chimpy the Prez wants to talk about Afghanistan, it should be in a P.S. to his and the vile veep's resignations and surrender of all their assets


Say, did you catch Chimpy yammering yesterday about Afghanistan to the ideological goons of the American Enterprise Institute?


Chimpy talking about Afghanistan, the war theater his administration has f--ked up so grotesquely--owing to criminal inattention brought on by blood lust for the real target, the country that never threatened us, Iraq--that it should by itself be grounds for impeachment.

Of course it's not exactly news that the evil Taliban are back in Afghanistan in (all too literally) force. Those of us in the reality-based community have always known that the Bush regime never finished the job there militarily or politically, but simply turned its back as soon as the ideologues and psychopaths got the war in Iraq they had wet-dreamed of for so long.

Meanwhile mainstream media remained almost without exception perfectly content to serve as administration lapdogs, making their news judgments based on Karl Rove's Republican talking points. And so while the growing mess in Afghanistan has been covered everywhere else, in the U.S. we've had something close to a news blackout.

Well, Karl knew that Americans didn't want to know anything about Afghanistan. So that's just what he arranged for them.

What's changed now is that the administration is so desperate to change the subject in the face of the public's growing awareness of the dimension of the catastrophe in Iraq. Desperate enough, it appears, to risk talking about Afghanistan--as if there were any subject relating to Afghanistan that doesn't start with the Bushwits' cravenness, incompetence and just plain dereliction.

Anything Chimpy the Prez has to say now about trying to salvage the mess in Afghanistan should have been said in a P.S. to the letter tendering his and his evil master Dick Cheney's immediate resignations, including the surrender of every last penny in assets controlled by every member of both their families to begin to cover the cost of repairing the damage their criminal incompetence has caused.


At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoo boy, they must really be getting desperate, as you say.

Maybe they need a humanitarian face and can remind us of the Good Times when they air-dropped food in packages that looked just like daisy cutter bomblets, from 30,000 feet. That moment really was one of the Peaks of Insanity.


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