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Most of the senators who listened to the Bush Regime's carefully crafted web of lies and who voted to authorize his outrageous and illegal invasion of Iraq, are still serving in the Senate. ABC News surveyed them to see if they regret the overwhelming 77-23 vote in late 2002 authorizing Bush's plans. ABC says that at the most only 43 stand by that vote. "Twenty-eight of the 77 senators who voted to authorize the war in Iraq indicated, many for the first time, that they would not vote the same way with the benefit of hindsight. Six others indicated that, in retrospect, the intelligence was so wrong the matter would not have passed the Senate, or would not have even come up for a vote... At least 57 senators would vote against going to war, a number that combines those who already voted against the war resolution with those who told ABC News they would vote against going to war, or said that the pre-war intelligence" was such bullshit that it would now be laughed out of the chamber. Even so utter and devoted a Bush rubber stamp and right wing hack and shill like Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) says she would vote no if she had to do it all over again-- as would a shameful gaggle of Democrats who got swept up in war fever-- and have not been punished for it-- including powerplayers Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Max Baucus, DiFi, Jay Rockefeller and Chris Dodd. Of course there are plenty of blood-thirsty and clueless dead-enders who say they wouldn't change a thing and that they stand by their votes: Joe Lieberman, John McCain (each looking to send tens of thousands of more American troops into Iraq), Sam Brownback, Dick Lugar, Pete Domenici, Orrin Hatch, Ben Nelson.

And this could have serious consequences on the Bush-Lieberman-McCain push for more troops and more war, what they blithely call "surge," shying away from what most people clearly see as escalation. Even a member of the Republican Senate leadership, no less a right wing luminary (and loon) than new Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-KKK), says he may oppose the Bush/McCain Escalation Plan. He's just saying that though; he won't oppose anything, although he did seem to admit on MSNBC last night that Cheney is a lying sack of shit who deceived the Senate about the reasons for attacking Iraq.
Matthews: I think Cheney had his thumb on the scale, do you agree? That they were pushing this war so hard, they were working to look at any evidence that backed the war and ignore any evidence that didn’t back the war.

Lott: They were pushing the evidence that justified going to the war, a lot of us, Republicans and Democrats, were concerned about what we were told, and we bought the packet.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, new head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, isn't monkeying around. Today's Washington Post reported that he was outspoken in his citicism of the Bush/McCain Escalation Doctrine. According to Biden "top officials in the Bush administration have privately concluded they have lost Iraq and are simply trying to postpone disaster so the next president will 'be the guy landing helicopters inside the Green Zone, taking people off the roof,' in a chaotic withdrawal reminiscent of Vietnam. 'I have reached the tentative conclusion that a significant portion of this administration, maybe even including the vice president, believes Iraq is lost,' Biden said. 'They have no answer to deal with how badly they have screwed it up. I am not being facetious now. Therefore, the best thing to do is keep it from totally collapsing on your watch and hand it off to the next guy-- literally, not figuratively.'"

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent a letter to Bush today saying they oppose his shenanigans to prolong and escalate the war. You can read the whole letter at the link above but here are a couple of quotes from Pelosi's website:
We want to do everything we can to help Iraq succeed in the future but, like many of our senior military leaders, we do not believe that adding more U.S. combat troops contributes to success. They, like us, believe there is no purely military solution in Iraq.  There is only a political solution.

Adding more combat troops will only endanger more Americans and stretch our military to the breaking point for no strategic gain.

Rather than deploy additional forces to Iraq, we believe the way forward is to begin the phased redeployment of our forces in the next four to six months, while shifting the principal mission of our forces there from combat to training, logistics, force protection and counter-terror.

So while Bush scrambles with semantics, seeks scapegoats for his catastrophic blunders, fires generals, and wrecks honorable military careers, the military is telling him they have no more troops to send for what Chuck Hagel calls Bush's "Alice In Wonderland" military fantasy. And the American people are not shy in telling pollsters that they have had it with Bush and had it with his Iraq policies. A stunning 68% of Americans-- and that includes plenty of Republicans-- are optimistic about the new Democratic-controlled Congress and 45% of them think Iraq should be the #1 priority (the second biggest number of votes was a tie between jobs and health care, each at 7%). Bush's approval rating is at 30% and approval for his job in Iraq is a dismal 23%.

Today the National Security Network released an interesting memo called "Stay The Course 2.0," a great rebuttal to the Lieberman, McCain, Bush absurd and patently false justifications for ramping up the Iraq war.
Increasing troops is simply staying the course, and ignores the national mandate for change. President Bush's decision to adopt John McCain's plan for Iraq and escalate the conflict is just more of the same. Escalation didn't work earlier and won't work now. It goes against the advice of our military, the American people, and the Baker Hamilton Commission. It will put even more strain on our troops. Our priority is to make America safer, and further escalation will fail to do so.
Iraqis need to take responsibility for their own country. The U.S. must press for an Iraqi political solution to end the civil war and, focusing on that strategic objective, begin redeploying our forces out of Iraq.

Bush-McCain "surges" don't work. Since June, American force levels have risen by 15,000, and yet violence has increased. Just this July, the Bush administration sent in 9,000 more troops to secure Baghdad. Things only got worse, and now he and McCain want to add more. Previous surges, such as Summer 2006 and Fall 2005, had no lasting beneficial effects. The situation continues to deteriorate.

The military is against escalation. Last month the Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously opposed sending more troops to Iraq. According to the nation's top Army General, the active duty Army "will break" if deployments continue on the current course or are increased.

The president is ignoring the Baker-Hamilton Commission and going against the wishes of the American people.  The bi-partisan Iraq Study Group recommended removing all combat troops from Iraq by 2008 and 80% of Americans do not believe we should increase troop levels.

More troops in the middle of a civil war will increase Iraqi dependence on American forces.  Iraqis need to resolve this civil war, not U.S. forces. Iraqis need a clear message that American troops are not staying forever and U.S. presence will be reduced.


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Congresswoman Sherri Davis, R-CA, Launches Two New “Internet- Only” Talk Shows in 2007

“Talking on Tuesdays” to debut on Tuesdays; “Talking on Thursdays” will broadcast each Thursday. Says Davis: “Expect Some Controversy!”

New York, NY (PRINSIDE) January 5, 2007 -- California Congresswoman Sherri Davis, R-CA, known as the "Ann Coulter of Anaheim" for her fierce opposition to flag-burners and illegal immigrants and her unyielding support for the American family, issued a statement today announcing the debut of two new Internet-only talk shows, “Talking on Tuesdays” and “Talking on Thursdays,” to be hosted by herself.

“Talking on Thursdays,” which will be broadcast on the Internet each Thursday, will focus on the top political issues of the day. Davis’ second show, “Talking on Tuesdays,” will be broadcast each Tuesday and will focus on “the lighter side of life”: fashion, film, self-improvement -– and tips to viewers on how to acquire the essential “people skills” that are the keys to success in today’s service-oriented society.

The two new shows will be produced by cable television’s Myron Kempelstein. Davis will moderate both shows, and surprise celebrity guests can be expected. Selections from the shows can be seen at these links.

Typical topics for Davis’ “Talking on Thursdays” show will include inside legislative looks at some of Davis’ signature legislation -- dubbed “Sherri’s War of Ideas” by her friends in the American media. “‘Sherri’s War of Ideas’ is a pure war of ideas that seeks to portray Democratic proposals as “pro-spending, pro-tax – or just plain unworkable,” notes Davis.

In her premiere edition of “Talking on Thursdays,” Davis says she plans to go on the attack against the Democratic War in Iraq -- and offer some sensible solutions. “Nancy (Pelosi) and I have been engaging in a number of think-tank-style discussions on the issue of the Democratic War in Iraq – and I think you’ll be surprised at the solution we’ve come up with,” says Davis. “Most likely the solution we will propose in my premiere show will take the form of some kind of a ‘Grand Bargain’ – but you’ll just have to tune in to see what our solution to the war really is!”

Davis also promises her fans that a “special edition” of “Talking on Thursdays” will pay tribute to the many legislative contributions of fellow Californian Bill Thomas, former chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. “Around the House, Bill was known as ‘Compassion With a Calculator,’” says Davis. “And there is even talk of legislatively renaming the famous Donner Pass after Bill –- and calling it ‘Bill Thomas Way.’ Because the story of the Donner Pass is really a story about people helping people, people helping people, and that’s what Bill was all about as well.”

With her second show, “Talking on Tuesdays,” Davis steps into the television shoes vacated by the recent cancellation of the “Megan Mullally Show.” “It’s a much lighter show than my ‘Talking on Thursdays’ show,” says Davis. “In one sense, it’s almost frivolous.”

Among the treats in store for viewers of “Talking on Tuesdays” are dramatic readings by Davis herself from Jack Welch’s best-selling book, “Winning,” and fashion tips on how to attain the “Nancy Pelosi look” on a shoestring. “Not to give too much away, but instead of wearing an 18-inch strand of Tahitian pearls like Nancy does,” advises Davis, “you can wear a 16-inch strand –- and slouch.” Davis will also review Mel Gibson’s new film, “Apocalypto.”

Davis – who heads the House Entertainment Committee – has become known as the “Voice of Hollywood” in the House, and recently proposed increased trade subsidies to promote America’s D-List celebrities to the world market. “Early market research shows a substantial demand for Wilmer Valderamma in nations such as Pakistan and Bolivia,” notes Davis. “And Kathy Griffin would do very well in Palestine and some of the bordering states, if only we had a way to market her there. And just imagine where Carrot Top could go.” It is “small baby steps” such as these that will help America solve its ever-growing and increasingly menacing foreign trade deficit, says Davis.

Despite the fame and notoriety that typically accompanies the launch of any new broadcast venture, Davis promises not to allow the spotlights to distract her from her legislative mission this year, noting that she has already introduced five Constitutional amendments so far this year. “And there are more to come!” says Davis with her trademark grin.

Congresswoman Davis, a rising star of the Republican Party, has been gaining traction in political popularity polls recently through a series of think-tank-style town hall meetings. Most recently, Davis told a cheering crowd in rural New Hampshire about her proposed "Bible Repatriation Act," (BRA), which she intends to push through in the coming legislative sessions in order to bring control of the Bible back into the hands of America by requiring that all Bibles be printed in this country.

"Just yesterday, a constituent sent me a copy of a Bible he had acquired that was printed in a foreign country -– and I can’t tell you which country because of National Security reasons,” says Davis. “While reading this particular Bible, he discovered that in Kings and then again in Deuteronomy, the sections of the Bible that talk about ‘approved entrances’ to the human body had been altered somehow during the printing process to include new, unapproved entrances to the human body that the Lord in his wisdom never intended to open up for use. And it is safe to say that this is obviously the work of America’s foreign enemies – enemies who are not only anti-American, but also anti-family. Hence my support of BRA. Bring our Bibles home. Bring them home."

As she presses for swift Congressional passage of BRA, Davis continues her work on the rest of her "signature" legislative packages, including the Mandatory Portion Control Act (MPCA), aimed at curbing America's growing obesity problem and "Project SATYR" (Scrapboooking Accelerates Terrific Youth Reading), a program designed to capitalize on the recent "scrapbooking craze" to increase youth reading levels through individual vouchers and major tax-breaks to the American scrapbooking industry.

"One of my favorite new singers, Kelis, sings about how her 'milkshakes' bring all the boys to her yard, and it is this exact same proposition we seeing in regards to scrapbooking and teen literacy," says Davis. "We view teen scrapbooks as the 'milkshakes of teen literacy' that will bring underperforming teen readers to the 'yard' of teen literacy. Let's face it -- if teens won't read about themselves, in their own scrapbooks, then what will they read about? What's wrong with capitalizing on our youth culture's own narcissism to 'trick' underperforming teens right into literacy!"

Davis continues to push for swift passage of her Yoga Mat Cleanliness Act (YMCA) through taped appearances with New York-based actress Sarah Jessica Parker. “As Chad Lavigne recently pointed out, Sarah has a remarkable nose. Get her within four feet of an unclean yoga mat, and she can sniff out those tinea cruris germs in a twinkling – and that has been useful on more than one occasion!” Davis also continues to work with the Congressional Black Caucus to force the racial integration of television's highly popular "The Daily Show;" and is making plans for her Valentine’s Day introduction of a new legislative package to create “Sexy Fridays” nationwide.

Prior to responding to the call of democracy, Congresswoman Davis was a star of stage and screen, appearing with show business luminaries such as Helen Hunt, Amy Sedaris, Nathan Lane, Bette Midler, Leslie Kritzer, Woody Allen, Kristin Chenoweth, Paul Dinello, Matthew Broderick, Martin Short and Susan Sarandon. Davis, known widely as the “face behind the Pashmina” for her role in successfully launching that foreign garment into closets of middle America, skyrocketed to fame in the 1990's with her lively rock-anthem "Baby Dance," which reached No. 4 on the Billboard pop charts. Davis was appointed to her Congressional seat late last year after the tragic death of her husband and was re-elected this November by a "slim but substantial majority." Prior to leaving show business to represent her Congressional district, Davis also played the role of Penny Pingleton in numerous regional performances of "Hairspray."

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This sounds a lot like God's Chosen, Michele Bachmann, from the Minnesota 6th but she isn't that hard a worker.

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Nice blog, nice post, but I would delete anonymous' overlong comment as disruptive to dialogue/discussion.

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But then I would have missed this fun spoof and not been able to forward it on to others...

YOUR blog says the right words but censoring, if not obscene or murderously illegal, qualifies you for Group Think at the Bush cabinet or one of the many jobs open at those bailing from Homeland Security.

Really glad you are not in charge of the delete button...Blessings.


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