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This election was a repudiation of the Bush Regime, not just Donald Rumsfeld. Yes, he played a huge role but it was more about Bush and Cheney than Rumsfeld. I was shocked when I read in Ron Suskind's brilliant The One Percent Doctrine how Rumsfeld kept ignoring Bush's demands to sever ties with Chalabi when Tenet finally proved to him that the Cheney-Rumsfeld protege was an Iranian double agent.

Now it will be interesting to see if the Democratic Senate-- assuming Rove doesn't steal the recount (he's good at that, remember?) for Macacawaitz-- confirms such an egregious pick as Bob Gates, one of the few choices BushCo could have made that might actually be worse than Rumsfeld. Why didn't he just select John McCain or even Chuck Hegel, either of whom would have sailed through the Senate? Although Gates was never indicted for his role in Iran-Contra, he is widely thought to have gotten off easy, very easy. And now... he's back.

And we still are stuck with Cheney calling all the shots anyway.

Didn't Bush just announce a few days ago that Rumsfeld was staying on as Defense Secretary until the bitter end? I just heard him on TV saying he's been planning this and held off announcing it until after the elections. Does this guy ever tell the truth about anything?


Think Progress catches Bush lying about Rumsfeld on video. Sick!


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At 11:51 AM, Blogger MR said...

goodbye and good riddance. Arrogant, blind, grating, those are just a few of the immediate words that come to mind when thinking of Rumsfeld. History will no doubt be unkind to this man.

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If not Gates, then Bush would next possibly select Lieberman. The Dems would lose the Senate.

With just two years left, it is hard to imagine that Gates could do more harm than has Rummy. We can suck it up, confirm Gates (after bloodying him in the hearings first), retain the senate until more GOP senators are indicted and forced out - and THEN their replacements can be selected by some of the newly elected Dem governors across the country. THEN Lieberman can do whatever the fuck he wants because the Dems can toss him aside like the garbage he is.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess is that Joe is already broken hearted about Bush's choice.

Who will say whether he will stick with the Dems or not.

He is scum. We would do well to find a way to do without Joe.

Good riddance to Rummy. And, no more rubber stamps for Bush.


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