Tuesday, November 07, 2006



At 8 PM here's the way it's looking:

Connecticut seems to have decided to go all blue and they're kicking out 3 rubber stamp Republicans: Nancy Johnson, Chris Shays and Rob Simmons. It looks like Klein is beating Shaw in FL-22 and Mahoney is beating Foley/Negron in FL-16. In Georgia things have turned around for both conservative Democrats who were losing and both Barrows and Marshall appear to be headed back to Congress. Three Democrats beat three Republicans in Indiana. Braley is off to a strong start in IA-01. Nancy Boyda looks like a winner over Ryun in KS-02. Yarmuth beat Northup in KY-03, although the 2 Rahm Emanuel candidates in Kentucky, Weaver and Lucas, were defeated. Although it is too early to call it, all 3 Republicans in Nebraska are behind their Democratic challengers. Paul Hodes won in New Hampshire and Carol Shea-Porter is beating Jeb Bradley. Patricia Madrid is starting out ahead of Heather Wilson. In New York State Gillibrand and Arcuri are ahead and Massa, Maffei, Hall and Davis are still within reach. In North Carolina Heath Shuler won and Larry Kissell is close.

In Ohio Victoria Wulsin is close to Mean Jean Schmidt, Space clobbered Padgett while Pryce and Kilroy are still fighting it out. With half the precincts counted in PA-04 Jason Altmire is ahead of crazy Melissa Hart. Sestak beat Weldon, Sherwood was killed by Carney and both Murphys are ahead of Gerlach and Fitzpatrick. Lampson is off to a good start against DeLay-Sekula-Gibbs. Kagen is ahead of Gard in WI-08 and It looks like Trauner is going to beat Cubin in Wyoming's one House seat.

Colorado is just getting started but Perlmutter's got it in the bag. Angie and Musgrave are about tied.


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