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Michael Jones, the gay prostitute in Denver who outed Republican Party operative/cult leader Ted Haggard, has called on other call boys to out their homophobic clients. A male prostitute has been on the verge of going public about Dennis Hastert all month. What's he waiting for? AMERICAblog has excerpts from the transcript of the Michael Signorile interview with Jones up now.

Here are a few q's and a few a's:

MS: Tell me a bit about how you first met Ted Haggard.

MJ: It was approximately three years ago. Got a call from a gentleman who said his name was Art. He wanted to see if we could hook up. At the time I was advertising as an escort in gay publications. I only advertised in gay publications. So if someone was looking for me, they were looking in a gay publication. He said he was from Kansas City and he wanted to hook up. We hooked up at my place. Always at my place. I had never been to a hotel with him.

MS: Did he use the term "hook up?" I mean, what did he actually say he wanted to do?

MJ: He said he wanted an appointment with me. He came to my apartment. And the clothes came right off. The first time it was pretty much mutual masturbation, then in time oral sex. He was really pretty vanilla. Only once in three years did we try anal sex.

MS: Was he a top or bottom? What was he interested in?

MJ: When I was on the radio show in Denver, the question was asked: Did you practice safe sex? I said, 'We used a condom once." The talk show host goes, "You mean he wore the condom once?" I said, "Uh, no, I did."

MS: What about with oral sex. Was he the passive partner or the active partner?

MJ: You know, it kind of went back and forth --- and I can't say he was very good at it...

MS: You spoke about a fantasy he told you, his sexual fantasy. Tell me about that?

MJ: This was the only time he ever spoke about something sexual other than being with me. He goes, "Mike do you know any young college guys" I said, "Well, I know a few, why? "He said, "I would love to get about 4 to 6 young college guys, about 18 to 22, I'd love to have group sex with them.' I said, "Let me check around and see what I can do and see if I can organize that for you." I never pursued it.

I don't want to comment on this except to say that the people who brought you Ted Haggard and Jim Kolbe and Mark Foley are the same people who have brought you Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff and Dirty Dick Pombo, Marilyn Musgrave, Joe Lieberman, Macacawitz, John Doolittle, Barbara Cubin, Iraq, ENRON, the unwillingness to rescue and revive New Orleans and 109 other reasons to dump Bush's rubber stamp 109th Congress. And today they are bringing you: robocall, a $2 million last minute dirty trick from 2 more Republican closet queens: Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove. The calls are made to Democrats and swing voters at all times of day or night to make them angry. They pretend to be from the Democrat ("Hello, I'm calling with information about Lois Murphy"). If you hang up, they call back 7-8 times, and each time you hear the Democrat's name, to get you angry at him or her. If you stay on, you get to hear a scathing attack on the Democrat. Most calls are between 2AM and 4AM.

The Mehlman/Rove strategy was first reported to be hitting 20 districts but 48 districts are now reporting these calls. The Republicans are harassing voters to subvert the election prospects of surging Democrats they most fear, from Angie Paccione in Colorado and Victoria Wulsin in Ohio to the 3 Murphys (two in PA and one in CT), Eric Massa, John Hall, Dan Maffei, Kirsten Gillibrand and Mike Arcuri in New York.

It's crucial for you to tell any TV station or newspaper in your district if you get one of these annoying calls. Most of the mass media is ignoring this story. Rove thinks it will win the election for the bad guys. See the spotlight link at the end of this story? That's what it's good for.


Jamie's got the lame CNN story at Crooks and Liars which doesn't even touch on the real problems. I know CNN isn't trying to help Republicans; they're just stupider than a gnat. But ABC News does understand what the Republicans are using robo-calling for.

ABC News' Ellen Davis Reports: Bob Bauer, General Counsel for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent a cease and desist letter to Don McGahn, General Counsel of the National Republican Campaign Committee requesting a stop to what he alleges is an illegal form of random calling of voter's residences using recorded political messages, often known as 'Robo-calling'.

The letter states: "The NRCC calls do not identify at the outset, and as required, that they are sponsored by the NRCC. These calls do no contain a telephone number. This failure to comply with the law denies callers effective sponsorship information. Without the benefit of a number, they are also unable to request that they not be called again. And we have received reports that individuals have been contacted multiple times by your prerecorded calls, despite their continued refusal to accept the calls."

Caught as red handed as Haggard with a line of meth hanging from his snout and a you-know-what up his you-know-where, the Republicrooks are denying, denying, denying-- and blaming... Democrats. Jesus, do these guys all belong in prison or what?


Tomorrow's Washington Post has a story about the Republican robo-call scandal and how they're using it in their efforts to subvert the electoral process.

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At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had not heard that these robocalls were coming in at 2-4 AM!!!

I would turn off my phone tonight (unless I needed it on).

But I haven't had a land line for a year and a half and I DON'T miss it a bit. My number is blocked and I don't get any unsolicited calls.

Surely these land-line calls can be recorded and traced and reported as being in violation of the law.

At 5:49 AM, Blogger low-tech cyclist said...

The WaPo robocall story was good, but it was buried on page 8 of the front section, practically in the Pincus Pages. (As in, where they buried Walter Pincus' excellent pre-war reporting that the WaPo didn't want anyone to actually read.)

So it's unlikely that most WaPo readers will actually see this story before going to the polls.


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