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Republican Charlie Crist, the closeted candidate for Governor of Florida, has enough problems on his hands without spending the last day of his campaign and-- in all likelihood-- the last day of his political life, in the company of two of the most detested figures in contemporary American politics: George Bush and Katherine Harris. Either one would be bad enough. The two together are beyond bearable, reminding everyone of the stolen election of 2000-- and all the tragedy that ensued.

Associated Press is reporting that Rove is fuming that Crist stood up Bush in Pensacola today. It is about the safest place for a far right winger and it probably wouldn't have harmed Crist's rapidly deteriorating election chances. Unless there were photos. Photos that could be on TV within minutes in places were independents and moderates live. Photos that would remind people that Crist is a Republican, just like Bush, just like Harris. Rove even promised to keep Harris away but Crist still refused.

The campaign managers of the in-play congressional races begged Rove to keep Bush away. He's toxic even in Foley's district. And Pensacola ain't near nothin'. "White House aides [read: Karl Rove] mocked Crist's choice to duck the Bush rally, which they only learned about on Sunday morning-- too late to change the printed schedules that had Crist introducing the president at the rally. Crist chief of staff George LeMieux said the conservative Pensacola area was so firmly in his camp, and so hard to get to, that it made more sense to campaign elsewhere in the state. Said Crist: 'I'm glad he's come to our state, but I've got to get around Florida.' [Yes, he certainly seemed overjoyed, though not quite as overjoyed as every Democrat running in the state. "Now that the president is so unpopular, Charlie refuses to stand side-by-side with him," Rep. Jim Davis, the Tampa Democrat running for governor in a contest that apparently favors Crist, said over the weekend. "It says when the going gets tough, Charlie won't stand up."] Still, Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, suggested that reporters see whether Crist would be able to hastily assemble anything like the Pensacola event, which drew about 7,000... With Crist as a no-show, Bush was joined on stage by a host of Florida Republican officeholders and candidates-- but not by Republican Rep. Katherine Harris." She was allowed to speak at the warm up rally on the condition that she be gone by the time Bush arrived.

Poor thing. But she's writing a revenge book so eventually we'll be able to read what happened when Rove told her to keep away.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger TeddySanFran said...

betcha Ted Haggard treated his man-whore better than the Bushes have treated poor Katharine -- and she gave them a much happier ending than the Reverend ever got!


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