Sunday, October 08, 2006



-by Mags

News News News... my goodness. Our collective heads are just spinning this week almost as fast and furious as the GOP is spinning everything from global warming to Mark Foley’s sexual predation as the fault of Democrats. Whew!!!

The good news is that Foley has been exposed as a sexual predator of kids. These are teen age males in service as pages to the US Congress. He is no longer free to exploit and intimidate young teens. The bad news is that lots of ill-informed and ill-intentioned media pundits are making this about homosexuality. Sexually exploiting teens is not about homosexuality. If it is, what about all the heterosexual men being caught in the Date Line sting....huh?

The good news is that Hastert is now on the hot seat, but the bad news is that he does not intend to resign. These guys just do not seem to be able to give up their power no matter how corrupt or incompetent they are. They have such a strong sense of entitlement. If there is good news to Hastert’s non-resignation it is that he will continue to remain a lightning rod for criticism of his incompetence, and he will symbolize Republican inability to govern as long as he is in the leadership position. He is a great advertisement for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, unless we get John Murtha who is a bit on the conservative side, but... win-win.

The good news is that the GOP (Grand Old Pedophiles) is so busy this election cycle trying to stomp out the fires of scandal that they will have little time to catapult the propaganda unless it is the defensive "blame Clinton" meme. The even better news is that this is an excellent time for Democrats to hit the media, hit the streets, hit whatever soap box location they can find, and start hitting it and hitting it hard. There is now a stark difference between the parties. For real, this is like watching a turd circle the bowl as it is flushed down. It is circling around and you wonder if one flush is going to do it. [Ok, so I resorted to toilet humor....a girl is allowed now and then. And, maybe it is time we call this fiasco what it is....not Foleygate, but the Foley Bowl.]

The good news is that between Woodward’s book and Foley, and the NIE report that there is plenty of opportunity for looking other than a Republican. The bad news is that their incompetence is endangering us, our kids, our soldiers and people’s around the world. This chaotic bit of incompetence is wearing thin. Frist is ready to welcome back the Taliban into Afghanistan, so inept is our handling of that country [so long to any hope for women there], Kim Jong-il is getting ready to test a nuclear bomb, and Georgie Porgie seems ready at any moment to march into Iran. Well, George would not march in, but one has to wonder, with our military stretched to the breaking point, who exactly he intends to march in there.

The bad news no matter how you look at it, is that Bush’s incompetence and denial are costing us many American lives in Iraq.

The only silver lining here is that this information is starting to come out bit by bit . [I don’t remember a time when so prominent people and generals came forward to either blow the whistle on a president or to resign in protest.] What we are seeing here is a complete break down of our government by a group of mentally unstable, incompetent men who have been fostering the illusion that they can rob every cookie jar they can fit their hands into, and that as a hobby on the side, they can govern and all will be well. Not only that, but the wizard can’t see that the curtain has been pulled back as he continues to push his buttons and pull his levers to no avail.

Okay! We move on to a lighter note. The good news is that the evangelicals are fed up with the GOP. That means that George’s 33% approval rating is about to drop even lower [can that be?], meaning that only the neo-cons support themselves. Who are these creeps anyway? How can you lose the religious right? Jeebus! The bad news is that if the evangelicals are pulling away from Bush that means that they are even crazier than he is. Quite a feat, but possible. There is a silver lining here also. They have lost all sense of what sanity is and have allowed themselves to be filmed being crazy. I would have thought they would know better, but as a good friend of mine always said, “The world for them ends at the tip of their noses.” Whew, and Hokey Smokes!!!


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