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The Bush Regime has used Cheney as the scary asshole figure for at least 4 years-- after kindly, brilliant elder statesman image failed dismally; it's supposed to make Bush look better by comparison and also stave off would be impeachment enthusiasts. It doesn't work and everyone I know wants a simultaneous impeachment. Now, as they are threatened with devastating electoral losses in both houses of Congress, they're eager to demonize other people. And Cheney, of course, has been leading the charge.

He picked a lively one to attack today, someone who isn't laying down and allowing himself to be run over: Harlem congressman Charlie Rangel. The idea is that when Democrats take over the committee chairmanships-- which is, after all exactly what the majority of Americans want to happen-- Democrats will do... what? Things that reactionaries and fascists abhor? That's the idea. These guys don't seem to understand that the overwhelming majority of Americans see them as abject failures in everything they've done and that it's time to start the long and arduous process of cleaning up after them.

Charlie Rangel is part of the cleaning up crew, along with a score of other mature, capable, experienced members of Congress, many of whom are not motivated by the naked personal greed of Republicrook leaders like Tom DeLay, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Jerry Lewis, Denny Hastert, Roy Blunt, Bob Ney, Dirty Dick Pombo, Charles Taylor, Curt Weldon, John Doolittle, Don Young, Tom Feeney, Duncan Hunter or fueled by bizarre and authoritarian ideologies like Tom Tancredo, Mean Jean Schmidt, Jim Sensenbrenner, Marilyn Musgrave, J.D. Hayworth, Barbara Cubin, John Kline, Michael Sodrel, Steve King, Patrick McHenry, Lynn Westmoreland... You want to think scary... just go over the voting records and public pronouncements of this gaggle of psychos and so-far unindicted criminals (other than the handful who have already been indicted).

Of course, move to the Executive Branch, home of Cheney and Bush and their gang and you move up a few notches-- from "Duke" Cunningham stealing commodes or even Jerry Lewis stealing millions to actual crimes against humanity. But Dick Cheney, a man who ought to be turned over to the International Court of Justice along with the main gangsters running this Regime, is trying to frighten people by claiming Charlie Rangel doesn't understand the economy and would wreck when the Dems win in 7 days!

Rangel blasted back and reminded people that Cheney-- with the lowest approval rating of any known person in America other than Paris Hilton-- is a "son of a bitch." (He's also the husband of one but that's been covered elsewhere this week.) According to today's New York Post "The bitter war of words escalated to the point where the bombastic Rangel even questioned whether the tightly wound Cheney needed professional treatment-- and mocked him for accidentally shooting his hunting buddy earlier this year."

The bombastic Cheney lied his ass off over at CNBC, claiming that "the stock market" wouldn't like it. Well, fact of the matter is, the stock market will love it. Markets always do better-- much better-- under Democrats than under Republicans. No doubt bottom of the garbage can reactionaries like that Kudlow asshole won't like it but he's been so far off base about everything that it's difficult to fathom how even the GOP propaganda outlets still take him, or make believe they take him, seriously. (Here's the actual data, that neither Cheney nor a trained propaganda monkey like Kudlow can alter: under Democratic presidents the Dow Jones Industrial Average has historically gone up by 7.19% while under Repug presidents it has risen 3.85% and when Democrats lead Congress the market has gone up by 6.46% while when we are burdened with GOP leadership in Congress markets go up by 3.51%. Historically the worst-case scenario has always been a Repug President with a Repug-controlled Congress-- like now-- and the Dow averages an anemic gain of 1.54%. Two more FYI's-- Dem pres/Dem Congress: up by 6.53%; Repug pres/Dem Congress: up by 6.37%. So the question remains-- is Cheney a lying sack of shit or ignorant or both?)

Anyway, back to the always entertaining NY Post, By the time Cheney had scurried over to Fox, his home away from home, he was declaring "Charlie doesn't understand how the economy works." Interpretation-- Rangel won't continue the fiscally irresponsible and catastrophic BushCheney policies of taxing the middle class and letting the ultra wealthy off the hook.

Rangel, who has already famously pointed out that Bush shattered the ole meme of white racial superiority, suggested that Cheney seek some kind of "rehab" for "whatever personality deficit he may have suffered. When you have those sorts of problems, you're supposed to seek help."


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Rangel has no problem taking care of himself....absolutely none at all.

It would sure be nice if they repealed those Bush "voodoo economic" tax cuts, you know the ones that gave 50% of the cut to the top 1%.

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About a year ago, Cheney went on the Limbaugh show and claimed that Rangel was "losing it" as a result of his age.

Which is funny if you've seen either one of them. Cheney is only about 65 and looks like the Cryptkeeper, but with worse teeth, and seems to have no ideas beyond lining his own pockets and those of his cronies.

Rangel, on the other hand, is quite healthy--attractive, even--for a 76-year-old man, and wicked smart. It's simply no contest as to which is going to live to read the other's obit.

- Molly, NYC


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