Monday, October 30, 2006



You'll recall a few days ago when psycho-bitch Babsy Cubin (KKK/R-WY), a typical Republican bully, threatened to slap one of her opponents after he told the truth about her unabashed bribe taking. People in Wyoming don't cotton to their public officials threatening a disabled man in a wheel chair, especially not a disabled man in a wheel chair who is also a military veteran. But it should surprise no one since rubber stamp Cubin has been part of the Republican jihad against veterans for the last 2 years, voting to cut benefits and limit access to health care and educational opportunities for our vets and to penalize the underage children of families whose military parents have been called to duty. There are few members of Congress as anti-military (other than sloganeering) as Crazy Cubin.

Even before she threatened Libertarian candidate Tom Rankin a Wyoming Tribune-Eagle poll was showing the race as a virtual dead heat with Democrat Gary Trauner building on intense momentum and coming within 4 points of the 6-term congresswoman. It is widely believed that her support has eroded further, although no post-outburst incident polls have been released yet.

Cubin, who at first defiantly admitted she threatened Rankin and defended her abysmally boorish behavior, has now changed her story and is trying to re-write history, as political hacks often try to do. After seeing the cascades of negative reaction to her widely reported behavior, she suddenly has claimed that all she said to him was "If you had said that to anyone else, they probably would have smacked you." So she's a bully and a liar (as well as a bribe taker).

When the lying didn't staunch her evaporating support, she changed her tactics and decided to blame the whole thing on far right windbag Rush Limbaugh. It seems, ditto head that she is, and completely incapable of independent thought, she now claims that because Limbaugh smeared and made fun of Michael J. Fox (a Parkinson's Disease sufferer who angered Limbaugh by making an ad about stem cell research), she thought it was a signal for Republican nut cases to attack disabled people. You think I'm making this up, right? That I'm trying to be funny?

Well, I guess you missed yesterday's Billings Gazette... right? "Down in Wyoming, U.S. Rep. Barbara Cubin got into some hot water when, after a debate, she threatened Libertarian candidate Thomas Rankin, who has multiple sclerosis and uses an electric wheelchair. She reportedly said to him, 'If you weren't sitting in that chair, I'd slap you across the face.' She later apologized, saying she may have been influenced by listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. Last week, Limbaugh said he would slap actor and Parkinson's disease sufferer Michael J. Fox, 'if you'd just quit bobbing your head.'"

Take a look at this TV ad from the Public Campaign Action Fund.


Looks like Gary Trauner is going to rescue Wyoming from it's embarrassing Cubin problem.


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