Friday, September 22, 2006



The jury is still out on whether George Bush will indeed get his torture bill and his wire tapping bill. Neither is law yet. But, time is running short. Karl Rove holds out to GOP hopefuls promises of October surprises that will ensure their personal victories that will, no doubt come at the expense of the country’s well being.

Mr. Bush told us just a short time ago that we ignored people’s announcements at our own peril. He referred to Hitler in that speech. But, I wonder what Mr. Bush meant when he told us before being elected that he thought dictatorships were fine, as long as he was the dictator? Should we not be heeding his words? Sure looks like it.

Joe Scarborough wonders aloud if Bush is an idiot. Chris Matthews vehemently criticizes the lies that led to what he refers to as a bullshit war. And, yet GOP leadership works to hand this privileged son of Bush who has had no prior successes the keys to world domination and the right to torture at will anyone, and you read that right....ANYONE....he damn well pleases.

George Bush is a failed businessman who never did anything that his daddy did not have to set up for him to do. He never succeeded at the many gimmes that he was handed. And, yet through manipulation, payoffs, and corruption this n’er do well idiot is now to be considered worthy of this amount of power?

America... people... legislators... is this the man you want to give up your Democratic way of life for? Is this the person for whom we are willing to shred the Constitution? Is this the man we find worthy of turning back the clock on the lessons of human history? This man, this misfit who has bullied and bought his way to power?

For this man we will let Democracy die?



At 7:37 AM, Blogger Shrink Rat said...

If the theists want any proof of actual 'Evil' in the world they need look no further than the POTUS and VPOTUS


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