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The big story tonight, as it should be, is the stupendous victory of the grassroots Democrats in Connecticut and their modest, earnest, honest candidate, Ned Lamont. Tomorrow Fox, Limbaugh, Mehlman and the rest of the corrupt and corrosive Republican hate machine (plus the nonpartisan Beltway corporate whore class) will go on the attack to say that Ned's victory over the Bush agenda is some kind of take-over by communists or something equally inane. I doubt however they will be talking about Michigan. In fact, I'm sure they won't be.

Michigan? What does that have to do with Connecticut? Not much but it has a lot to do-- albeit indirectly-- with the national brainwashing session Fox "News" has in store for its hapless viewers. last week I talked about the vicious campaign a fringe right wing fanatic, Tim Walberg, against mainstream conservative Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz in Michigan's 7th congressional district. Do not expect to hear Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh or Matthews, Hannity or O'Liely or any of them talking about a far right extremist purge of a party moderate. They'll save all their crocodile tears for the Democratic Party you know they love so well.

Schwarz was a strong McCain ally and his 6 point defeat tonight does not augur well for McCain's presidential ambitions in a state he was counting on for early support and momentum. While the neo-Nazi wing of the GOP celebrates Walberg's victory, Schwarz pointed out in his concession speech that "pandering [to right wing extremists] would have been easy," he was unwilling to throw away his principles (the way most mainstream conservatives have). He grieved for his party falling further down the slippery slope of bizarre extremism.

Republicans spent over $2 million dollars throwing mud at each other. Walberg, heavily backed by religionist nuts and the fascist-oriented Club For Growth, threw more mud and he won. One of the lunatic fringe far right, anti-American blogs, Redstate, rallied it's brain-dead stepford readers today to defeat Schwarz (who is a Bush rubber stamp). The kook who writes it listed 10 reasons it was important for Michigan fascists to turn out in droves... all kinds of nuttiness. And his #1 reason to defeat this mainstream conservative incumbent?

"For the past two years, Republicans have governed in the Joe Schwarz mould (sic). They have expanded government, expanded spending, and otherwise ignored the GOP's conservative base. In fact, conservatives, who are the largest part of the GOP base, have been dumped on, ignored, and shoved aside in favor of politicians like Joe Schwarz.

Republicans in Congress will not get the message if they lose the majority -- they'll blame conservatives. Republicans in Congress will get the message if we take a stand in Republican primaries and start tossing liberals. Let's send this wake up call today."

Let's see how many times Fox propagandists mention Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg tomorrow-- or is it only the Democratic Party they care about?

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At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By definition, "mainstream" means representing the views of most voters. For example, Joe Schwarz's Congressional district in 2004 voted over 60% in favor of a state Marriage Protection Amendment (defining marriage as only between one man and one woman, thus banning so-called homosexual "marriage," polygamy, group marriage, etc.).

That election was in the November general and included Repubs, Dems, and Indies.

Thus, Walberg's support for constitutionally protecting marriage is "mainstream" in his district (and in the 20 other states so far that have voted similarly on the marriage issue), while arrogant Joe Schwarz's being one of only 27 House Repubs to vote against the federal marriage amendment was obviously the minority, non-mainstream position, even among general election voters.

Imagine how much MORE so among just Repub primary voters Tuesday.

That was as much the killer issue as anything for Schwarz, sucking up just a touch too close to the S&G crowd. He even co-signed a fundraiser for the biggest "gay" lobby group in MI...with Dem Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your commentary is right on. Michigan and America has lost a great leader to the right-wing exteme.

Walberg will be ineffective and irrevelant. He will further polarize Congress and do little for his district.

This seat is wide open for a strong Dem and I expect the entire hierarchy of the DNC, (including Dean) to descend upon us soon.

A small group of very selfish ideologes doesn't know, understand nor care what they've done to our District.

Walberg will be a disaster, if he makes it in November. The way I see it, that's not a given anymore.


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