Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quote of the day: It's the day of reckoning for your friendly holier-than-thou "bipartisan" senator-whore from Connecticut


"The stance that, for a senator, politics ought to stop at the water's edge makes sense if and only if the president isn't playing politics with foreign policy," said William A. Galston of the Brookings Institution, who has often sided with Lieberman on intraparty battles but disagrees with him on the war.

"But this president and this administration manifestly have played politics with foreign policy, and their chief political adviser has been totally frank about that," he added. "I think it would have been permissible and even advisable for Joe Lieberman to conclude at some point that a bipartisan foreign policy has got to be a two-way street. He really didn't."

[reported by Dan Balz in the Washington Post]

This is far from the whole case against "Holy Joe" Lieberman, but in our book it's reason enough why any Democrat who thinks of voting to return him to the Senate really ought to think again.


At 6:56 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Holy Joes only chance now is Diebold, so we wait and see if there is still democracy here in the good ole USA.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

What makes me nervous--apart from the general difficulty of rooting out an entrenched incumbent--is the narrowing in the Quinnipiac poll from 13% to 6%. Is the sentimental "I'm good old Joe, you know me, you love me" appeal working? And you know they'll be pulling out all the stops.

Plus a narrow defeat encourges Holy Joe to follow through on his threat and run as, well, not an "independent," but apparently as more like "Just Joe." And while the Republican candidate seems to lame to benefit from a split of the Democratic vote in the general election, Just Joe is much more popular among Republicans than among Democrats.



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