Wednesday, August 16, 2006



Some people think Scarborough is a bit of an idiot himself but John over at Crooks and Liars finds his show valuable. And last night, at least, John hit the jackpot, when Scarborough asked the penetrating question: "Is Bush an Idiot?" Watch the video at the link above. Keep in mind that Scarborough was a right-wing Republican congressman before he became a right-wing Republican TV blovator. The GOP tried, desperately tried, to recruit him to run against poor Katherine Harris in the GOP Senate primary but he declined, knowing the little tiny matter of the dead campaign assistant in his office could cause him all kinds of trouble. And now even he's calling attention to Bush's limited capacity to act like he's president. And he isn't bringing it to the attention of smart people who watch The Daily Show or to average folks who watch CNN; he's bringing it to the attention of the brainwashed crowd (that 33% in the polls who still think Bush is doin' a bang-up job) who have never heard anything like this before.

And a friend sent me this cool little music video that seems to indicate the mental disability that Scarborough pointed out in Bush, doesn't just stop with the preznit!


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I wonder if he has some kind of disease or disorder going on myself. Or maybe it is just that he can't handle the pressure and is cracking up under it.


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