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A DWT reader, Leroy, wrote an interesting comment on an old blog (from almost a year ago to the week. I'm doing something today I've never done before-- rescuing a comment few will ever get a chance to read and putting it up front and top here. This is the story of a man's eyes opening to reality.

I am so ashamed that I wasted my vote on George Bush. What was I thinking? Why did I let my right wing extremist, neo-conservative, neo-evangelical thinking get in the way of exercising sound personal judgment when I entered that voting booth?

Growing up, I was led to believe that the Republican Party was a grass roots party of the people & for the people. In retrospect, it is clear that the last 3 presidents produced by the Republican Party were nothing more then the rich man’s rich man hiding under the disguise of jingoistic patriotism and the lie of conservative values. The economic dark ages of reagonomics fleeced the middle and lower classes of this county simply to benefit the rich and wealthy and waste money on unnecessary unconstitutional military actions. George Sr. carried that same self-serving torch. George Jr. has quietly shifted this country back to those dark ages. Bush inherited a strong economy and squandered that real quick. And even though 9 -11 did happen, none of Bush’s reckless decisions are in any way justified by that day in history. It is clear that he never had any real salient foreign & domestic policies when he became president in 2000. Bush and Cheney have pimped the Presidency and turned the senate into an auction house for legislation to the highest bidder.

Now we have 3 more years of neoconservative republican lies and a growing body count overseas. When are people going to wake up to the truth that neoconservative political philosophy does not work for anyone but the rich and wealthy at the top? When are people in the USA going to wake up to the fact that neoconservative republican political philosophy does not even cross paths with reality? The main goal of the neoconservatives who have destroyed the soul of the Republican Party is to consolidate national wealth to the nation’s top 2% wealthiest at the expense of the middle and lower classes while imperialistically occupying other nations. This is promoted under the façade of promoting democracy elsewhere in order to hide ugly truth regarding the real agenda. It is imperialism but we are now trying to do it to other countries instead of the British doing it to us.

Anyone who believes George War Bush’s lies about promoting democracy in these Middle Eastern Islamic states is living in serious denial of reality. Those who believe Bush’s lies are simply easy pickins and victims of logical fallacies. Historians and political scholars realize that to impose such changes on another country takes decades and that is only if it seriously adopted. Something that you are not going to make happen in an Islamic state. Also, the very definition of democracy is not something that the United States has any claim of ownership to. But then, if one looks at Bush’s view of democracy, it more closely resembles Mexico where you have a small rich elite ruling class and no middle class. In short…..a plutocracy.

If we ever actually do get out of Iraq, nothing will have changed and nothing will have been gained. The American people have never been given a specific objective in Iraq or a clear definition of exactly what "victory in Iraq" is from the president. Invading Iraq never had anything to do with, WMD, freeing the Iraqi people or making Americans safer and secure. Statements about WMD, Freeing Iraq or Making America Safer are nothing more then a neo-conservative marketing spin used to hide the ugly truth and make the lies palatable to the American public and justifiable to the red necks who voted for him. Bush likes to make statements such as "It's worth the price" but he never says just what exactly "it" is. If he really believes that all of his waste of human lives and our tax dollars are worth it, then he should put his money where his mouth is and send his little party animals to go fight in Iraq. Isn’t it strange how all these young Republican youths that get interviewed claim to be for Bush’s private pseudo war, but very few if any at all are willing to enlist in the military???

The Republican Party is currently composed of a lot of chicken hawks. Those who believe that advocating a war from afar is a sign of personal courage and strength, and that opposing a war from afar is a sign of personal cowardice and weakness. These chicken hawks are cowardly idiots who not only advocate wars, but they also believe that their advocacy is proof of the courage which those who will actually fight the war in combat require. You know the type… quick to judge, quick to anger and very very slow to understand. These Republican chicken hawks will, conversely, attempt to depict those who oppose such wars as being weak, spineless and cowardly even though the war opponents are not seeking to avoid any personal risk to themselves, but instead, are arguing against subjecting their fellow citizens to what they perceive are unnecessary dangers.

Under the current President of the USA, we have now seen what the Republican party really stands for now that they have had about 6 or so good years of unobstructed ruling power. Yup… they've had their chance to demonstrate what they are made of and we can all now see that they are not what they claim to be. They are basically, a bunch of uncompassionate, un-conservative hypocrites. Fake, Christian, hate mongering Taliban trash like Ann Coulter.

I for one am tired of our political party making all these huge messes that have historically fallen to Democrats to clean up. Clinton took the 2 trillion dollar deficit economy that he inherited from our boys Reagan & Bush Sr. and prospered the country into one with a surplus without overtaxing the rich, middle and lower classes. Wake up America! Bush created the mess in the Middle East starting with his personal desire to invade Iraq. "War on Terror???" Wake up America… you cannot wage war on a concept. Reagan sold this lie to us with his so called war on a concept we all know as the "war on drugs." This has done absolutely nothing for our country. You cannot wage war on a concept but Bush, Cheney and most of the Republican Party hope that most Americans are stupid and impressionable enough to believe their lies.

The Republican Party claims to be for smaller less wasteful government but the current administration is responsible for the waste of more money, resources and human lives then any past Democrat presidency. I have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that the blood of Americans and innocent Iraqi civilians is on my hands and the hands of those who voted for Cheney… I mean Bush. The real legacy of the Bush administration is going to be one characterized by lots of wrongful deaths, lots of money and resources wasted, unnecessary tax increases for our children and grandchildren and the unnecessary destruction of various social programs that were never in need of fixing or eliminating to begin with.

Thanks to Bush and his power hungry cabinet who all want to control Congress, the Senate & the Supreme Court, the USA is now a third world country hiding behind a lie of prosperity and so called society of personal ownership. In retrospect, I seem to own less now under this administration of "personal ownership" then I did during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Thanks to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their puppets, the USA is now a huge debtor country. The only ones with real ownership as a result of the current presidential administration are the rich and elite. Now that the USA owes all these hundreds of millions of dollars to countries like China, Germany, Russia & Japan, I wonder which language I need to learn for the day when these countries come to collect…



PS: Farwell GOP. Thanks for all the corrupt memories…I’m now a Democrat.

Welcome home, Leroy. Or, as George Allen might say, "Welcome to America!" Leroy did what all ex-Republicans should do; he sat down and analyzed reality, did some thinking and shared his insights with others. I hope I'm not being presumptuous to ask any ex-Republicans to do the same-- and to do this too (especially if you voted for BushCheney).


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. Loved the way this guy came to grips with reality. Just a little fact checking:

Um, since I ride around in public transport, but nonetheless have the ability 5o both speak and write English as well as understand the nuances of the post above, all the while being MEXICAN, born and raised, and living in Monterrey, I take offense in the author's assertion of the unexistent Mexican middle class. Yes, we're not the majority of Mexicans, and the top 7 percent do own half the country, but we are not Somalia, or Cambodia. Mexico is not just cancun and donkeys, learjets and slums. There's, you know, COLLEGES and a thriving, expanding middle class. Anyway, that just ruffled my feathers a little bit. I wish there were more Americans that had the ability I as a Mexican have in partcipating in discussions like these, with out using monolithic, insulting overgeneralizations.

but otherwise...
i really dig your blog

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This is great and from the heart. I wish that Leroy's post could be posted on some universl board that all Americans (especially republicans) were forced to read. This guy is right on regarding Bush, his administration and Republican lawmakers. The republican party successully exploited the one dimensional voting habits of the religious right wing of American to assimilate them into their voter base collective and all Christians should be ashamed. Republicans know that these people will blindly vote for any pathetic waste of skin who happens to claim to be pro-life, anti-abortion, moral or Christian. Sounds like a real solid group of qualifications for running a country. We had an adulterer as president who did a much more effective job of running the nation, prospering the country overall and keeping us safe. Bush screwed over the state of Texas when he was governer and proceeded to continue the same self serving nneffective style of governing the USA. It is time that the Republican party get out of the way of democracy before its too late to recover from the mess they have made of our nation. They are not a party of, by or for the people and the past 6 years are evidence of that and the president and his cabinet are anything but moral. In retrospect...they are not even conservative in their values or actions.

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great posting from Leroy. Very commendable that you spoke from the heart and had the honesty to at least tell it like it really is as opposed to standing on principles that the
Republican party lie about. It is really sad how the republican party exploited the one dimensional voting habits of the religious right wing to assimilate most of them into the republican voter base collective. They will vote for any pathetic waste of skin who simply claims to be pro-life, anti-abortion, moral, conservative or Christian. Christians should be ashamed for allowing a political party to manipulate them the way the republican party has done.

Lets see…. Clinton has an indiscretion or two or three (who knows) with the opposite sex and the entire republican party wants the world to think the nation is going to hell in a handbasket. However, Bush and the republican party are allowed to murder our sons and daughters along with innocent people in other nations in illegal unconstitutional military actions, bankrupt our country with the highest deficit ever, raid our nation’s treasury for the rich and elite, wage war on the middle and lower classes and the so called moral religious right wing are OK with that. You really should be ashamed of yourselves. Using Christianity as a shield to ward off criticism everytime the filthy reflection of your corrupt immoral president and cabinet are exposed against the light of truth is a hypocrisy that is very sickening. In retrospect, this country was actually very prosperous and a lot safer with an adulterer as president.

If Christ Jesus himself were to pay us a little visit incarnate, he would probably have one thing to say to much of the religious right wing of this nation and all of the republican party….”Be gone! I never knew any of you”. “You are just a whole new breed of Pharisees who courrpt justice as well as pervert my teachings for personal and political conquest!”


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