Thursday, June 29, 2006



When I was growing up I heard a dozen bands doing it-- from the Blues Project, Ronnie Hawkins, John Hammond , Peter Green, Tom Rush, and The Band to The Doors, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Yardbirds, Santana and eventually The Jesus and Mary Chain but it was Bo Diddley who wrote the lyrics that asked the question, "Who Do You Love?"
I walked 47 miles of barbed wire,
Used a cobra snake for a neck tie.
Got a brand new house on the roadside,
Made out of rattlesnake hide.
I got a brand new chimney made on top,
Made out of human skulls.
Now come on darling let's take a little walk, tell me,
Who do you love,
Who do you love, Who do you love, Who do you love.

Today's GUARDIAN has an interesting story by Simon Tisdall pointing out why Iran's crazy leaders just love George W. Bush, even though no one else anywhere in the world does (with the exception of a few discredited old feudalists and plutocrats). He points out that although Iranian President rails at Bush as a warmonger and imbecile, Ahmadinejad understands and appreciates how Bush's bumbling, ignorance-fueled incompetence has worked miracles for Iran. Tisdall explains how how the Iranian leadership is "grateful to the Bush administration for ridding them of Saddam... Aliakbar Rezaei, a senior diplomat, [said] with an ironic smile. 'We're very thankful to the Americans. They paved the way for us in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Lebanon, too - our influence has increased due to the Syrians leaving. They've pushed up the oil price. Thank you! The Americans are also helping us establish a common identity in the region. Iran is closer to Egypt and other Arab countries because of the common enemy we share. The Arabs and Muslims were not unified. But the US has achieved this. They've done a lot for us.'"

Bush's policies and agenda-- both domestic and international-- have torn America's social fabric apart more thoroughly than at any time since his ideological forebearers did the same in the mid-1850s. But when it comes to the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, George W. Bush has indeed been a uniter and not a divider.


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