Friday, March 24, 2006



Adults often write stories for children which can only be fully appreciated by other adults. Alice in Wonderland is absolutely an adult tale, as is the Wizard of OZ. And, the best moments of Sesame St. were those that had me laughing while my children looked on puzzled.

This morning as I toured cable news and C-span while waiting for my coffee, I noticed an identical theme with each click of the remote. Hmmmm. After the coffee was brewed, I toddled off to my office where I started my morning routine, visiting blogs and news sites. Again, The same theme….. good news!!! Things in Iraq are going just fine. From Tony Blankley on C-span, to Dan Bartlett at the White House and Laura Ingraham as a guest on O’Reilly, I discovered that all this time, nothing was amiss in Iraq. It was all an illusion. An illusion created by the Democrats and cowardly reporters. Yesiree…..A-ok! And I know this must be true because right on cue, we are at ease and able to continue to muse upon the disappearance of Natalie Holloway again. Yes, right on cue.

Certainly, the 80 dead reporters who covered Iraq were, for all intents and purposes, namby pamby whiney babies. If they weren’t, they would have noticed that the women and children of Iraq were hunky dory being bound or bombed. Dan Bartlett made it clear that if it were not for the Democrats, there would be positive news and no opposition to the war even though the military is staggering under dunderheaded civilian leadership. And, if it were not for those pesky Democrats or the media, Bush’s approval ratings would go back up, and America would hunker down and be patient for victory…..which most assuredly is on its way…..sometime….someday…..but, not today. Stay the course.

Again the message goes out that those who do not agree with this assessment are anti-American, pro-terrorist. Again, I remind myself that PR is what these folks consider substance and truth is to them like Silly Putty. George Bush and his supporters, and there are not many, are working hard these days to spin straw into gold. Here a pundit, there a pundit, everywhere a…..bwaaaak, bwaaak.

George himself even came out and reiterated some of his more obvious lies, insisting Saddam would not allow inspections or report on weapons. By a show of hands, how many of us remember precisely that Saddam allowed the weapons inspectors into Iraq? And, again, how many also remember that nonsensical statement way back before the war when Bush and Rummy et al announced that because we had found no weapons it meant that Saddam for sure had them? Not to worry, this is the same crowd who believes their religious doctrines because you cannot prove them are wrong. They are used to insisting you prove the negative. Played well in Peoria at the time.

Fox News has reported little in the way of good news either, and as a caller in to Randi Rhodes show pointed out, this fact is probably as good an indicator as any that if there were good news, certainly we would see it on Fox. But, today it is getting deep. The talking points are widely distributed. Don’t believe your own eyes.

Yes, Virginia, there is no Abu Ghraib, there was never any domestic spying, there is no daily rising death toll of Iraqis killing Iraqis. The Iraqi police are doing swimmingly and Americans are still dying for a noble cause, though no one has been able to muster an explanation that will work for Cindy Sheehan. The tortures and renditions and civil war are all figments of our national imagination…no wait, the Democratic Party imagination, Arrianna Huffington….and other liberal whores.

Yes, here comes George, seems like daily now, touting his war, and his resolve. He is assuring us no president wants to go to war, he sure didn’t, even though we can read his bio and see that that was his goal all along. Don’t believe what you read. Ignore that man behind the curtain.

And, don’t we know that he would not put those kids in harm’s way if he thought it was all for naught? But why is it he will not visit the funerals of these kids or allow us as a country to see the dead, to consider our losses? Collectively, we simply cannot appreciate how our leader has looked out for us. Can’t we see how he protected us when the decision was made not to count the Iraqi dead? If we do not count them, then they don’t exist. No guilt.

Through the Looking Glass is an adult tale, no matter which way you cut it. Trite as it has become it is true, repeated so often we do not hear it anymore.

When I close my eyes, I can see Winnie the Pooh, the muddy little bear floating up, up with his balloon. Upward he goes in his attempt to fool the bees…up up toward the honey hive he rises disguised as a little black rain cloud. And, there below is Christopher Robin shaking his head, silly bear. But, instead of hearing the voice of the bear, I hear Georgie calling…” Chris Matthews, hey Wolfie…..It would help in this little deception if you would pull out your umbrellas and say…..Tut, tut, it looks like rain.”



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