Wednesday, March 08, 2006



I just had a pretty depressing call from a great guy, someone who would have made a spectacular congressman, David Lutrin. But I guess Dave never really had a chance to run against Mark Foley because Rahm Emanuel had his own "moderate" candidate in mind. Dave called me tonight to tell me he's decided to pull out of the race. I think we'll have a letter in the next day or two explaining why and what next and all. I do know that the pressure and stress Emanuel put him through was intense and daunting. So now we get to see how Emanuel's DCCC strategy for FL-16 will work. He's got the candidate of his choice, Tim Mahoney, a moderate Republican with plenty of money and a brand spanking new Democratic registration. And no message to distinguish himself from the less moderate Republican in the race, the powerful, entrenched incumbent, Mark Foley. I'm sure it could work. And I hope it does.

This was the second grassroots progressive in a week I saw succumb to pressure and negativity from the Inside-the-Beltway power elite. Brett Wagner, up in Ventura County-- the man who has building a real challenge against Elton Gallegly-- also pulled out this week. Again, I hope the DCCC strategy is successful and we wind up with a Democrat in both seats. I wouldn't wager on either-- but I'll have my fingers crossed for them, although first and foremost my fingers will be crossed for genuine proven progressives like Francine Busby, Christine Cegelis, Jerry McNerney, Lois Murphy, Ned Lamont, Coleen Rowley, Ben Cardin and Chuck Pennacchio, all of whom are open for contributions right now.


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep getting the sinking feeling that whoever said that both parties are the same, and that we are all patsies was right.

We have to figure out what to do about this because business as usual is not working for America or Americans.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger KenInNY said...

I don't suppose it's possible to force Master Rahm to say anything he doesn't want to. But I keep wondering if it would be at all useful to try to get him to tell us whether the best possible outcome of his candidate-selection strategy, which would be a nominally Democratic-controlled House where the balance of power is in fact held by a cadre of DINOs who are as likely to side with the Republicans as with their only-nominal fellow Democrats, is in his mind a necessary evil in otder to gain even this measure of control or is in fact the goal of this strategy.



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