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Ken Blackwell will go down in history as one of the worst villains in the story of our great nation. Aside from being a hypocritical bucket of slime exploiting the paranoid delusions of Ohio's religionist fanatics to further his own political schemes, Blackwell is the man most responsible for conspiring with indicted Republicrook Thomas Noe and as-yet-unindicted Diebold ex-CEO Wally Odell to steal the 2004 presidential election for George Bush (and bringing such great misery on our nation). Blackwell was more responsible than any of the other stinking and corrupt individuals in the polluted Ohio Republican Political Machine for bringing all the loose ends together and financing Bush's theft of Ohio's electoral votes.

So I find it odd this morning that I have found some common ground with the execrable Mr. Blackwell. Blackwell is the furthest right of the 2 remaining candidates in the bid to take over the Ohio governorship from convicted criminal Bob Taft. Since Blackwell is still Secretary of State, responsible for running Ohio elections-- and well-practiced in stealing them-- it barely matters that all polls show Ohio voters have a wide and growing preference for Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland over either Blackwell or the also totally scandal-tainted Republican Attorney General, Jim Petro. Ironically Blackwell has turned his vicious nature against his Republican rival and using a blanket of radio and TV spots to point out (justifiably) just how corrupt and unfit Petro is to hold any public office. "Scandal!," intones the announcer, ominously. "CoinGate! A 53-count indictment. Governor Taft-- Guilty of ethics violations. Now Attorney General Jim Petro under an FBI probe. The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER called for a Special Prosecutor. Petro gave $129 million in unbid legal contracts, and expected campaign kickbacks in return. He's used the special counsel program for fundraising... It's ethics worse than Taft's! Blackwell for Governor."

First of all, it's all true. The Taft administration is so riddled with corruption that he has the lowest approval rating of any public official in any state ever in the history of polling. And Petro is very much part of that corrupt and venal administration. Of course Blackwell neglects to mention that he was not only part of the same administration, but even more corrupt and far more dangerous to Americans than Petro!

Image if this is the kind of stuff Republicans in Ohio are saying about each other, what Democrats can say about them! And imagine how the pathetic and hapless Taft feels. Ohio's very corrupt GOP State Chairman, Bob Bennett, who hasn't been personally indicted for any crimes yet, accused Blackwell of "burning down the house" and putting the whole already tottering Ohio Party in jeopardy in his selfish quest for political ascendancy. Are these people disgusting or what?


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

YOu are brilliant! Your pal Philip directed me here. Can I link to you from my blog?


Let me know. My blogger friend Tina will love this post - she's an Ohioan. I'll pass it on.

great post!

At 10:28 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Thanks for stopping by. Happy to have you link to DWT! Are you the singer Helen Wheels I knew through Sandy and The Dictators in NYC way back when?

At 1:12 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

"Wait for the vote countin' to begin"? Haven't the votes already been counted?

Wouldn't you think Secretary of State Blackwell has the tallies all ready for signing and sealing? Hey, this is the 21st century--why wait till the last minute, or for trivial technical details like actual "voting"? That way you could always have a, you know, equipment malfunction.



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