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It's so easy to pick out Boss Emanuel's hack candidates. Go to any district where there is an endangered Republican incumbent. If there is more than one Democrat trying to challenge him, it means there will be a primary (or it means Boss Emanuel will drive the grassroots activist out of the race before a primary). How do you know which candidate is a real Democrat and which one is one of Boss Emanuel's craven picks? I've been going to the websites. After a minute or two it becomes really clear. The real Democrat's website is always passionate and has a voice of humanity-- usually personal reasons for running-- and it is FILLED with ideas and clear stands on real issues. Boss Emanuel's candidates websites are slickly packaged corporate exercises in obfuscation-- no ideas, no issues, no stands... just "I'm for the middle class; and the troops and the Republicans are corrupt."

I just picked a random race-- nutcase right-winger John Shadegg in Arizona's 3rd CD has two challengers: Herb Paine and Donald Chilton. I never heard about or read about either of them before just 10 minutes ago. But look at their respective websites and tell me which comes off as a real Democrat and which one sounds like a pawn of Boss Emanuel.

One Republicrook implicated in all of Randy Cunningham's criminality and more, who could easily wind up indicted before November, is the San Diego area's most corrupt pol, Duncan Hunter. This red district could turn into a prime opportunity for a Democrat. And I see there are 3 challengers-- Jim Hester, Karen Otter, and John Rinaldi. I'll keep quiet. Take a look and do your own analysis. It's fun.

A day or two ago I endorsed Dave Lutrin in his bid to be the Democratic challenger to reprehensible Republican closet queen Mark Foley after comparing Lutrin's clear and unambiguously progressive site to the slick pabulum of some self-financing, country club Republican shill Boss Emanuel dug up. We could play this game of finding the weasel all day. But one thing I am wondering about Boss Emanuel-- with as many as 5 dozen Republican incumbents running without any opposition at all, why doesn't the head of the DCCC stop harassing grassroots Democrats and replacing them with slick, corporately-oriented putative "Democrats" and instead find some challengers for people like California far right loons Dan Lungren, George Radanovich and Buck McKeon, or for Richard Baker in his recently much more Democratically-oriented Baton Rouge district, or for Mike Castle in Delaware, or John Mica, Bill Young or Howdy Doody in Florida, or to take on Tom DeLay's right hand man, the ethically-challenged Roy Blunt... or what about unloved and very beatable Peter King on Long Island or the crooked Bob Goodlatte from Virginia or even just one of the 5 KKK wizards that make up the Republican delegation from Alabama?

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At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please. Lutrin doesn't have a chance against Foley or the dogcatcher for that matter. Sure he can talk a good talk on his website but is that what the people are really wanting-you know the people-the nation of moderates who get turned off by all the political diatribes. You can waste your time endorsing nonstarters like Lutrin or you can support candidates with potential and the ability to give 'publicans a run for their money.

Real political change does not happen overnight. It takes years and it takes those who have worked on the dark side to turn and become Dems who can move the nation forward, helping left causes while keeping a generally moderate direction. You can't govern if you don't win and with Lutrin you do not even get into the race.

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Fran / Blue Gal said...

Just wanted to leave you an unobtrusive message and congratulate you guys on your mention at Wait Wait this morning. Once the podcast is up I'd be happy to help you post the clip. It would kinda look like this one:


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congratulations again!!!


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